From my thoughtful friend at aFrankAngle the most perfect approach to the coming Presidential debates. If only!

A Frank Angle

The first of the presidential debates starts this week. Well, there are not debates, but actually glorified new conferences with the parties setting the rules that give the candidates plenty of opportunities to continue there taglines.

Odds are very good that the candidates will provide an answer without answering the question. After all, Mr. Romney has previously stated to a moderator, “You have the right to ask the questions you want to, and I have the right to answer them in a way I want to.”

What if I was running the event? If so, here are the six rules in the A Frank Angle interview format.

  1. The moderator (me) is in charge; thus asks the questions, exercises any rule at any time, and can re-ask questions until answered.
  2. If the candidate does not answer the question, immediately turn off their microphone and surround them with the cone of silence.

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  1. For those who find it difficult to watch debates, I would suggest a drinking game.

  2. –Can’t wait to watch tomorrow night!!

    Xxxx Kisss

    • I am awaiting what I think will be a truly interesting debate. I have been watching some of the local contests and debates on c-span. This one though should be a fascinating show.

  3. Thanks for the re-post! Neither side is perfect. The pseudo-debate should be interesting – real reality tv.

    • I am also looking forward to the debate, the zingers I am certain will be flung with glee. I truly wish they would have both agreed to fact checkers. I loved Franks idea of cones of silence, if only!

  4. I saw that heading and wondered if you were channeling Frank. I guess the answer is “yes”.

  5. That was a great post. I loved his six debate rules. 🙂

    I am very much looking forward to the first debate this week. Should be interesting.

  6. Having this post reblogged is a pleasant surprise, thus I invite your readers to visit and comment. 🙂 …. BTW – Please let me know you came from here. 🙂

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