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The Little Klansman

Georgia State Trooper at a Klan rally in the 1980s.

It’s hard to remember that bigots, tyrants, and criminals were children once, and that most of them endured abuse, neglect, and hate-filled indoctrination. The child in this photo has no say in what is being drilled into his head. He is at the mercy of his parents and community, whom he didn’t choose and couldn’t escape from for some time. Imagine how I’d turn out if I was raised in his place? I wonder who this little boy grew up to be?

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  1. Unfortunately some of this is still being passed on to young children even if there is no white sheet – sometimes bigotry is wrapped in religion. I try to focus on those who are more tolerant!

    • I know, with or without the sheets it remains a part of our culture and heritage. I believe we have an obligation to expose it to the light. Exposure is the only way we will ever eradicate it entirely.

  2. such a powerful picture and why is it such a hard concept – it will not get better til we make it better.. how do we make it better?…we do not teach our children to hate…. that is a heartwrenching photo – i want to go pick up that little boy and take him away from that…

    • I know, that is the first thing I thought too Lizzie. Wrenching isn’t it. He would be about 34 now, don’t you wonder who he is today?

      • I hope he is beyond that and made his own way… there is always hope. but I am not sure I want to know. It would break my heart to find out he has carried those thoughts and beliefs that he was taught and … beieved then

  3. lazyhippiemama says:

    I’ve never seen this powerful picture before. Thank you for sharing!

  4. We have all been taught through our parents, teachers and society.. So many of us around the world form their opinions from that early age that colours the rest of their thinking lives..
    Sad that we cannot teach our children love, respect, caring, and peaceful ways… We teach them to fight, as they sit in front of our TV’s watching cartoons full of it… We buy them toy guns of war, we bombard them from their cribs to judge and they bully, and seek to control and yes its so so Sad… And we have no one to blame but ourselves..
    I blame not the child, for the child only follows by example..

    Sending you a Hug Val…. and one to all Children around the world… especially those being killed in even more wars as we label and judge…
    Sue xxxxx

  5. Really tough stuff. Makes me cringe, and it also makes me incredibly sad.

    • It is over 30 years old, but still makes me think just how terrible we are or have been. Makes me think what an incredibly sad world. Can you imagine being those officers staring down at that small child who truly didn’t know. Horrible and horribly sad.

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Wow. Like, wow.

    Who are the adults behind this child, that dressed this child that way?

    Like, wow.

  7. I’m with Frank. This is so sad!

  8. Very sad. Hope the child grew out of it.

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