Fascinating speech by Theodore Roosevelt, worth the read especially given the historical context. Thank you for bringing this to us!

On October 12, 1914, Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest just before giving this speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The bullet was slowed by his glasses case and folded 50-page (!) speech placed in his breast pocket. The attempted murderer, John Schrank, was apprehended immediately after shooting the President. He spent the rest of his life in a mental institution. Roosevelt refused to cancel his speech to seek medical attention. He held aloft the bloody pages and had this to say:

Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. But fortunately I had my manuscript, so you see I was going to make a long speech, and there is a bullet – there is where the bullet went through – and it probably saved…

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  1. That is some kind of man.

  2. Teddy was one cool bear of a man. Pun absolutely intended.

  3. What a fascinating moment in history, and what a relevant speech for today… brilliant idea to re=blog thank you, Val.

  4. He would have probably been the Rep nominee in 1920 had he not died.

    • Well actually the Republicans did not like him, ran him out of the party. Democrats hated him even more. In 1914 he ran as an Independent, trying for his third term.

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