The Case FOR Palestine/Gaza. The Case AGAINST Zionist Israel……And Words From Sarah Palin As Well.

I have not been able to write this myself, thankfully someone else did.


  1. This touches my heart greatly Val.. I am so sickened by the whole conflict that so much suffering is still being had over what.. What are we but the labels given us.. We are all of us Human beings.. regardless of creed colour … One of the reasons I can not watch the news.. and they do not show half of what is really happening.. Its heartbreaking what is happening around the world.. As those warmongers us children for target practice.. its horrendous..

    • So many of us feel this way Sue. Those of us who do, we are taking some heat, especially because we don’t follow the common line. But you are right, this is tragic and horrible.

  2. Well this one is a difficult issue… Whenever there is conflict that results in deaths, unnecessary deaths, it leaves my heart so heavy…

  3. This is interesting article, since I am from Jerusalem. I will make it easier to understand what is our main conflict with the Palestinians. First the future of Jerusalem where it is divided into four main quarters, The Armenian Quarter which is one fifth of the old City, than the strongest presence which the Catholic Church which old one part of the most prestigious section of Jerusalem, than the Muslim Quarter and Old City. The only solution Jerusalem to be an international open city and the diplomatic solution to resolve our conflict with the Palestinians will be from the Vatican.

    • Mihrank, thank you for your thoughts, especially coming from Jerusalem. This does not however explain the shrinking of that small section that was set aside for the Palestinians originally. It also doesn’t provide an explanation for the on-going settlements, nor for the embargo against them. Finally, it doesn’t in any way help to make clear why Israel is killing citizens, including children.

      • As Jewish, I am against killing and bombing civilians. It should be a negotiations with the Palestinians without pre conditions. It also important the media or news source you are watching to gain the true facts about the condition in Middle East. There are no settlements on going due to the United Nations agreements.

        How a 72-hour truce in Gaza fell apart in less than 2 hours. By Friday afternoon, Israel was heavily shelling areas near the border city of Rafah, where the soldier’s capture occurred.

        What happens to Hamas-Fatah reconciliation after Gaza conflict? It’s the Palestinian conflict.

        • I and many others watch various news sources. Unfortunately you cannot hide the pictures of dead and grievously wounded children. Bombed homes, bombed safe havens.

          Israel has lost what? Less than 50
          Palestine has lost what? Close to 1,500

          The maps provided were accurate. The agencies including the UN provide what I believe is an accurate accounting of the situation in Gaza. The fact is, Palestine was once a nation, now the people of that nation are in what can only be considered a armed camp, prevented from leaving and not provided the necessary goods for life.

          Where is the concern for the children and citizens of Gaza.

          • My friend, I agree with you. My prayers with every one who killed and injured. I am hoping That Hamas will stop to end this disaster. The Children of Gaza needs protection and peace. As a Jewish we are not in favor of this solution. May God help everyone. My brother got injured last week and it is sad.

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