Remembering James Brady: “A Legend At The White House.” Brady Dies At Age 73.

James Brady dead at 73, a stark reminder to us all of the devastation guns can have in the wrong hands. Still we fight the battle to control guns on our streets.


  1. Hearing about Brady was very sad. He did so much for gun control. I was surprised, though, to hear his death ruled a homicide. What do you make of it?

    • I think it is the correct ruling. His death is the outcome of his shooting. I understand this.

      I was told my shooting would likely cut my life expectancy by 20 years.

      • So, will that change Hinckley’s prospects? I’m not sure where he is, but I don’t think he’s in jail. Just wondering if this will go on his record.

        Val, I’m sorry to hear about what doctors told you. You are truly an amazing woman, with a strong, powerful voice. A real survivor.

        • Mostly Monica, I don’t let what they say bother me. I am mindful of what they tell me now and then, not often though. I simply told you to compare the two.

  2. I remember this clearly on the news… Wonderful tribute to him.. Thank you for sharing Val

  3. What a thorough tribute to him. May he rest in peace.

  4. I just commented over at J’s original. He was a good man. RIP.

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