Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri.

What is happening in Ferguson, people are angry and it is boiling over with good and due cause. No parent should bury their child, no community should live in fear.


  1. Terrible Val…

  2. What a senseless waste of a young boy’s life. This is terrible.

    • Yes, it is. This is three in a very short time span. Three killed by the police and so far nothing has been done.

      It is terrible and tragic.

      • We had a few of those in the last year or less. Big uproar but can’t remember a proper outcome. If it had been proper, I would have remembered. Possibly, it’s a matter of keeping the court waiting long enough till a new bad story hits the newspaper and overshadows the past offense. Innocents should not be losing their lives, whether young, old or disabled.
        And what is this ‘with pay’ crap’? One guy held out with pay for years until he retired. A private citizen would never get away with that.

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