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The vision of Ferguson, Civil Rights and the First Amendment. I may not be actively writing right now but JB is and he is worth reading on this subject.

The Militant Negro™



This is my very last post on Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis County and Mr. Michael Brown. I am burned out from watching the news coverage, listening to radio coverage, seeing images, talking with friends in the bloggersphere and in person, and just the mental anguish associated with this fucked up dumbass debacle in an American city in the middle of MY country.

I can not begin to fathom the feelings and emotions, not to mention the mental and physical baggage the people of Ferguson and St. Louis County are experiencing RIGHT THIS SECOND. How Black humans can be denied the basic right of the 1st amendment….just fucks up my mind.

The right to protest is a long-standing protection afforded by the U.S. and Texas constitutions. This right is contained both in the freedom of speech and in the freedom to assemble, which protect not only…

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  1. Val, thanks for posting this. We haven’t come very far at all, have we? So frustrating.

  2. WP is messing with me. Just wrote you a lengthy response (a well-thought out one at that) and it couldn’t be posted. I’ll try back when I calm my A double S down.

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