Killer Mike Speaks To Americans About The Problems In Ferguson And Lauryn Hill Releases A Chilling Dedication To Michael Brown.

Two chilling pieces from two perspectives, both are important and we should listen, hear and consider.


  1. I’ve been trying to stay away from watching the news because it’s so frustrating to say the least. I need some positive, feel good stories. But, are there any left? Sigh.

  2. What a scary world.

    • Yes, yes it is. If I hadn’t just started a new job I believe I would jump in my car and carry my happy ass to Ferguson. Oh, to be back marching for something I gave two shits about, I think it would make me supremely happy.

      • Well, I am sorry you can ‘t just go, but NOT sorry you have a new job. Did I miss that news? I am waaaay behind, although I do try to read all of yours!

  3. I don’t know what to say. This is chaos. How / when have the police managed to become untouchables?

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