Department Of Justice To investigate Entire Ferguson Police Department…Too Late For Me.

The DoJ is finally opening an investigation in Ferguson, not just into the murder of Michael Brown but with broader scope. The Mayor and Police Chief were on TV today trying to convince all who would listen everything was just fine in Ferguson, no need to turn the light on there. As Mr. Baker says, this is as stupid as, ‘That’s as stupid as the Captain of the Titanic telling passengers “everything is OK, we’re just testing out the Titanic’s ability to be a submarine.” ‘


  1. I feel the same way. It was just pathetic how long it took for the federal government to respond to the abuses by the state and local police. Mike Brown’s parents were wanting an autopsy by the Feds from the beginning, but seemingly ignored her until after they announced they’d hired their own independent autopsy.
    And as for ferguson and St. Louis authorities, I’ll echo the words of Michael Brown’s mother. “What more does it for their to be an arrest?”

  2. Glad you reblogged this, Valentine. It bears repeating!

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