The MilitantNegro™ SoapBox: Dumbfuckery; The NFL & Roger Goodell Are Under Investigation.

What I didn’t say yet needs to be said.

The Militant Negro™



I told myself I was finished writing about Ray & Janey Rice. Watching Deion Sanders talk down and bad about Ray Rice almost made me laugh but instead I decided to write this post.

The new bandwagon everybody is now leaping onto is this investigation into NFL commissionerRoger Goodell, and whether Goodell should resign his position as NFL commissioner. My questions is this…why should NFL commissioner Goodell do a damn thing? Who did Goodell punch? Whom did Roger Goodell assault?

Was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the elevator? Did Goodell drag Janey Rice from that elevator? Did I miss Goodell punching Ms. Rice?

Many disagree with this statement I’m about to make but it’s a fact…..Ray Rice was indicted on March 27th. Ray Rice and Janey Palmer were married on March 28th. Now if they moved on and past Ray knocking her the fuck out in that elevator, and the assault…

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  1. I am sorry this is way over my head .. and I am afraid it is going to stay that way.. As I try to detach from the Political Front.. We are on the brink of our own new History, for I am sure Scotland will break away with their YES vote to become independent from the Union of the UK.. And who can blame them?…. We shall know tomorrow, when the votes come in.. 🙂 xxxx

  2. There are no words. This whole story has left me speechless and the reason that led me to decide to tell mine. These guys who manage the NFL seem so out of touch, starting with this one who just doesn’t get it. Money rules, I guess.

    • Yes, we must be willing to tell our stories. I have been telling mine for a long time. We must also be willing to hear other stories, the stories of the men who are abused. We have to be the ones who open the door and allow others in.

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