The Gates To Hopeland Are Wide Open: The Devon And Leah Sari Still Story.

We focus so often on all that is wrong in the world, lately all that is wrong in the NFL. This shows the compassion and humanity that exists as well.


  1. What a heartwarming story. I watch the news every night and the Today show every morning before I head for work, yet I hadn’t heard this. Glad you reblogged this post and brought it to our attention. A nice way to end the week.

    • Doesn’t it seem to you Monica, the only thing anyone tells us anymore lately is all the terrible stuff. I am so in need of the good stuff. Even if I write about the terrible, I need the good.

  2. Val, Why oh why are so many of our young children suffering Cancer’s??.. Cried while I read this in full… Such a beautiful little girl, and roughly the same age as my Granddaughter who is nearly 4 in Dec… And its good so many are reaching into their hearts to do good..
    There is a lot of Goodness out there Val.. LOTS.. The media just shows us the Negative All the time…
    Sending you a Hug.. xxx Love Sue x

  3. As a Cincinnatian, we love the fact that this story has made national attention. The news about him was news here last year, but the news got national recognition when the team kept him on this year’s roster. … and then the story of the proceeds from the jersey sales (which have set records).

  4. It’s wonderful to see there is some kindness in the world still!

    • It is, I was crying through the entire thing. Crying because she is just a baby and it is terrible to see a baby suffer. But crying also because, sometimes we see people do good things and it does remind us.

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