National Voter Registration Day Is September 23rd, 2014. Are YOU Registered?

This is so important, spread the word.

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National Voter Registration Day Is September 23rd, 2014…..Tomorrow.

“I vote because it is a simple and powerful act. Every individual, regardless of wealth or heritage, has the same opportunity to vote and create honest change.”

“I vote because I believe in the right of each individual to have his or her input into being governed. Vote on with conviction!”

“I vote because it allows my voice to be heard. Voting is the easiest way for me to directly influence the decisions that affect my country.”

“I vote because I want to have a say in government! Without a vote, how would anyone know what I want? My vote is my voice.”

“I vote because I believe in America. My family and I see our vote as the best way to make our voice heard in our amazing democracy.”

“I vote because it is a right that has been historically denied…

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  1. September 23rd was my birthday; had no idea it was also voter registration day. I’m registered!

    • I would expect you to be registered! The 19th was my birthday. I think I fell down and slipped, meaning I haven’t caught up since. I am horrible as a human and a blogger.

  2. OH yeah! Can’t complain if you don’t participate.

  3. Have not missed local, state or national since 1972. The problem, however, is that mailbox stuffed with campaign literature and get constant robo phone calls or survey calls. Then there’s the party donation requests. I stopped that. Send to disabled vets or childrens hospital or homeless shelter where it really counts.

  4. No 😦

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