Hypocrisy: “I Am Darren Wilson” Bracelets Worn By Ferguson Cops. The New Fashion Statement In Missouri.

I have no words, this is provocation at it most base level.


  1. Sickening! “I Am Darren Wilson”? Really though? You actually don’t mind associating yourself with the kind of rage (and that is a mild characterization) that drives you to not only kill an unarmed teenager, but leave him dead on the ground like a rabid dog for hours? Now, that’s something I can’t wrap my hands around, let around a bracelet. The absolute gall of these officers! Absolutely deplorable. I imagine the folks in Ferguson (and Black folks in general, everywhere) should feel that much safer knowing their safety is in the hands of those who wear this bracelet and its messaging, who feel justified in their actions, despite the wrongness of it all. If this ain’t open season, I don’t know what is.

    • I find this sick, inhumane and those who don these bracelets must be without conscious, without heart without any true moral value of what is right. There is nothing justified in this.

  2. My mouth dropped when I read this post. Since when is this bracelet or any other part of the professional uniform? How much wool does this police force think they can pull over citizen’s eyes? A deplorable situation.

  3. This is terrible….so wrong.

  4. This is ugly. What can they be thinking of. So wrong. Hugs, Barbara

  5. Sick. But here’s some good news. Hope in the young. Have you seen video of this 11 year old from Ferguson? He’s brilliant! Watch this video:


  6. What sort of a country have we become. People are just plain nuts.

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