Black Genocide: Honoring Those We Lost To Senseless Violence.

It is important to understand, this isn’t the rhetoric of a fringe but of an entire people. It is past time we see, past time we hear and past time we recognize what three hundred years plus of racism has done to a people and a nation.

The Militant Negro™


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Black genocide

We Charge Genocide: The Crime of Government Against the Negro People” is a document accusing the United States government of genocide according to the UN Genocide Convention. This document was created by the Civil Rights Congress (CRC) and presented to the United Nations in December 1951.

The document pointed out that the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide defined genocide as any acts committed with “intent to destroy” a group, “in whole or in part.” To build its case for black genocide the document cited many instances of lynching in the United States, as well as legal discrimination, a series of incidents of police brutality dating to the present, and systematic inequalities in health and quality of life. The central argument: the US government is both complicit with and responsible for a genocidal situation based on the UN’s own definition…

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  1. Val I wish I had the time to go read in full.. We as Humans still have a long ways to go before we can hold our heads up high to share equality and show no prejudice..

    You know I watched a programme on TV last night Val it was simply called the ‘Sixties’ It was an era of ‘ Revolution’ It was about the USA. and it depicted Hero’s and Heroines in their pioneering of altering the attitudes of people.. Mainly it focused on those who through their own courage they helped change Laws.. It told stories of Class distinction, Racialism, How even in the 60’s the Medical profession were labelling Homosexuals as having a mental illness and how they shocked them in therapy sessions to dislike other males. It spoke of the Contraceptive Pill and how one pioneer was jailed for a time in prescribing it.. I am sure you will know the lady.. I forgot her name..
    It spoke of the women who wanted equal pay who did jobs the same as men in the Henry Ford plant.. and so on and so on..

    Yes we have a lots of learning to do.. lots of ingrained thoughts indoctrinated through prejudice built up over many years..

    The Human race has Lots of Healing to do,, Lots of realising we are ALL ONE.. and we all will need each other very soon..

    Love to you Val.. xxx

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