The Day After The Last 24™

Did you stay home? Did you think others would pick up your slack? Who knows, but enough Democrats, Liberals and Progressives stayed home to turn Congress Red and the States Red. All I can say, we will get what we deserve.

The Militant Negro™



Election Results

Last updated Nov 5 at 4:14 AM

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From Reuters:

Tough road ahead for Obama after Republicans seize Senate


(Reuters) – Republicans rode a wave of voter discontent to seize control of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, dealing a punishing blow to President Barack Obama that will limit his legislative agenda and may force him to make a course correction for his last two years in office.

The Republican rout was wide and deep in what was bound to be seen as a sharp rebuke to Obama, who has lurched from crisis to crisis all year and whose unpopularity made him unwelcome to Democratic candidates in many contested states.

The Republicans also strengthened their grip on the House of Representatives. When the new Congress takes power in January, they will be in charge of both chambers of Congress for the first time…

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