The Day After The Last 24™

Did you stay home? Did you think others would pick up your slack? Who knows, but enough Democrats, Liberals and Progressives stayed home to turn Congress Red and the States Red. All I can say, we will get what we deserve.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I voted with my husband and encouraged others to vote as well.

  2. I don’t understand the whole political system. Someone voted into office should have the opportunity to implement the changes they promised and allow them to sink or swim within a given time frame . I understand the fear of a dictatorship or total control by one party but there should be enough checks and balances to avoid that. I really don’t see how anything will ever change or how a country can move forward when nothing is ever passed fully. Our system is no better. A politician will promise tax cuts, increased wages, better health system, we vote them in, the opposition opposes all of it and we have a dead duck running the country AGAIN. We, unlike America, have compulsory voting which means when times are tough Liberals rules, when things are going well Labor. Liberal love to tax to fill the coffers and create a surplus. Labor love to then get in and spend it all (to get votes) and when we are in debt again …here come the Liberals . Vicious circle. I can fully understand the disillusioned voter .

    • This time it has been the worst yet, it isn’t just political but far to hard to go into all the other stuff. Frankly, our checks and balances have broken down. The foxes are in the hen houses and sitting the eggs.

      Our voting public, they are some dammed ignorant they vote against their best interest time and again. I wish we did have compulsory voting. Truly I think it would change the make up of this nation. But that isn’t what some want here, in fact they are making it harder to vote every single day.

  3. I voted. Here where I live, the vote for our congressman was so close, they’re still counting ballots. At first the Republican (jerk) was ahead by 750. But experts noticed a trend on election day and how a lot of young people were spotted voting. The same experts said that once they started counting the ballots from Election day (and not just the mail-in’s which they were counting first) that the tide could very well turn toward the incumbent (Democrat). And lo and behold, today they announced that Scott Peters is ahead by 800 or so votes. They won’t know who won, though, until they finish counting on Monday.

    Btw, did you see this article in from a Canadian media outlet? It’s very eye-opening and revealing what they have to say about us Americans and the way we treat our president.

    • I decided to wait with my thoughts to see how the ‘winners’ handle their win. I am, to say the least, disturbed at the apathy of the democrats. Not unsurprised but disturbed.

      When democrats don’t vote they elect republicans and now we will see.

  4. Yes, I agree with Elyse. A very sad day. I’ve been very sad all day. It’s been a real downer. I’m sad, not because many of the candidates I voted for didn’t win, but because the results of the voting got us a government that will only make us go more downhill than we have up till now. I know. I sound like a pessimist. Actually, I’m not. It’s not my nature to look at the dark side. But, yes, today has been a bad day.

  5. Big changes are everywhere Val.. I hope that we are prepared because on either side of the ocean We sorely need Change for the better… So many people are in need right now, and are so fed up with how we are being ruled.. Here we see in the UK too much in-fighting of politicians and scoring of points.. While the REAL issues still keep growing as the gap widens between the haves and have nots.. Sometimes I wonder where Common sense went…. But then most in politics rely upon their quangos for their information and do not address the real world and its problems..
    Lets hope some common sense prevails..

    • It did not prevail yesterday Sue and I am stunned

      • Val in the coming years I garentee you more and more will be stunned… Like you at times I am exasperated at the narrow term views we have in fixing this world.. As the I am alright Jacks sit in their comfy seats of plenty.. Not viewing the world as it is in reality.. But apart from using my own voice at voting time.. and living by example the world will keep on turning into the chaotic mess we are allowing it to manifest into..
        So I do the only thing I know.. Live within my own values, helping others if I can.. and try not to let the rest of the Madness get to me..

        Love to you Val.. as I know how passionate this campaign was to you.. We all need to reflect our actions as the tests of living through these times of change will affect every single one of us..

        Love Sue xxx ❤

  6. I don’t know if we’ll get what we deserve, but we’ll get what we chose; both those who voted and those who made the choice not to vote.

  7. No, we won’t get what WE deserve, because we paid attention and we voted. We know the issues. But that doesn’t mean we’ll get what WE deserve because we deserve much better than the pitchfork crowd gave us. Such a sad day.

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