Veterans Day 2014.

What a great list of Free things supported by businesses, One must wonder, where is the rest of the national heart.

great history.


  1. I think I got side tracked on this one Val.. I did arrive, and then went over to the Reblog.. 🙂 a good choice too.. 🙂

  2. What a great idea about freebies for veterans!. That picture of the stooped, old man before the wall brought a tear to my eye.

    • Yes, I thought it was great also, I just wonder why we only do this one time a year. How hard would it be for this nation to recognize the sacrifice and make certain we did not have hungry, homeless veterans?

      I love that picture also.

  3. Sorry to be a day late, Val, but happy Veterans Day, nonetheless. Hope things in Dallas are going well for you this week so far!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. The list of freebies is far greater than what is listed here. But I was reading a local story about the freebies today and one person in the military noted that many of them are working today and will not be able to take advantage. He may have a point, so I think the freebies should be offered to military longer, perhaps a week or all month. Knotts Berry Farm, though, is offering free admission to military and veterans, plus one guest, from now until early January. They’ve got the right idea.

  5. Thanks for reblogging this, Val. I sent the list of free-bies off to my eldest brother. We aren’t close and this gave me the opportunity to send him a hello, happy Veterans’ Day, without a political argument!

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