The MilitantNegro™ Potpourri: Officer Darren Wilson.

Terrible and tragic, we must consider the consequences of a justice system gone awry


  1. What a terrible mess.

  2. What a mess!

  3. All I can say Val is that those that live by the sword.. etc etc etc….. There is a powder Keg waiting to explode .. And people such as these are the fuses which ignite such fury..

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Day Val… May we all remember and be Thankful for the Peace that surrounds us. And may we bless and love and cherish those around us.. For within a blink of an eye.. All can change..

    Sending Love your way

  4. Tragic and disheartening.
    A friend just shared an article on the subject that I found moving:

  5. Oh dear. Not much to say about this one. And, of course, everything.

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