The Silence Of Barack Hussein Obama.

From the heart on the silence of our President on the issue of genocide.

The Militant Negro™



The President Is Silent AND Weak On Ferguson, Missouri AND Black Genocide.


I’ve said before that this Black President is too quite while Black men and women are being systematically murdered. Unarmed Black men & women are being killed for no other reason than being Black men & women. This Black Genocide did not start under Barack Hussein Obama’s administration, thats a fact. MY issue is that it is allowed to continue under Barack Hussein Obama’s reign and he is silent.

Giving a speech asking for calm and telling a people that are being exterminated, to be lawful and maintain peace, while they are being gassed, arrested for protesting peacefully and having weapons aimed at them…as you tell them to be calm, is asinine. I am sick of watching good Americans of all skin tones, all walks of life and from all parts of the globe in Ferguson, Missouri, everyday…

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