This Is NOT St. Louis County, Missouri Prosecutor Robert McCulloch First “Racist Rodeo.”

This is so egregious it must be brought to light. How does this even exist in our nation?

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Now for the truth exposing St. Louis County, Missouri Prosecutor Robert  McCulloch, for what he really is.

In light of all the turmoil taking place in St. Louis / Ferguson, Missouri with the Justice System, all should know what we went through for nearly nine years and the terrorist acts waged against us by the Missouri Justice System.  All, should also know the ILLEGAL, INCOMPETENT, UNETHICAL, and UNPROFESSIONAL behavior by the St. Louis County Missouri / Robert McCulloch’s office that we have been terrorized by. 

The journalists that were harrassed and arrested, etc. in Ferguson Missouri are very lucky they were not shot like they did to journalist, Jeffrey Weinhaus, a.k.a. Bulletinman.  Please read more info. about journalist, Jeffrey Weinhaus (Bulletinman) that was shot by the Missouri…

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