This is what we need, recognition of a problem and steps to address it.

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What is NO MORE?

NO MORE is a public awareness and engagement campaign focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Using its signature blue symbol to increase visibility and foster greater dialogue, NO MORE seeks to break social stigma, normalize the conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault, and increase resources to address these urgent issues. NO MORE is aligned with hundreds of organizations working at the local, state and national levels on prevention, advocacy, and services for survivors.


What is NO MORE’s history?

The idea for NO MORE was sparked in 2009, in recognition that despite the significant progress made in the visibility of domestic violence and sexual assault, these problems affecting millions remain hidden and on the margins of public concern. Hundreds of representatives from the domestic violence and sexual assault prevention field came together around the idea that an overarching symbol…

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  1. Great job for campaign

  2. A great initiative. India desperately needs a similar co-ordinated effort against domestic and sexual violence.

    • I think Madhu, some of these should simply be picked up and made international. Some make sense as international efforts with coordinated efforts. Some of our stories should be told as stories life without borders.

  3. Bravo to this campaign!

  4. This is exactly what we need!

  5. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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