Meet the Embarrassing Eight

I simply cannot resist this one. Yes, it is true you can actually vote for the worst of the worst of these true deniers of Science. Go on read their statements and vote.

Be a Seed for Change

The first round of votes are in. The Climate Change Fantasy Tournament is starting to heat up. Check out the regional finals match-ups — and go vote to decide which deniers advance:

John Boehner vs. Steve King
John Boehner vs. Steve KingMarco Rubio vs. Robert Pittenger
Marco Rubio vs. Robert Pittenger

Mitch McConnell vs. Jim Inhofe
Mitch McConnell vs. Jim Inhofe

Cory Gardner vs. Duncan Hunter

Cory Gardner vs. Duncan Hunter

We’re getting even closer to crowning our champion, the worst climate change denier in the country.

These folks have made it this far because they’re deeply committed to publicly denying the science behind climate change. That’s why we’ll make sure we celebrate the winner — in a very public way — back in their home district.

Help decide — go vote on John Boehner vs. Steve King:

Weigh in on Marco Rubio vs. Robert Pittenger:

Pick a winner for Mitch McConnell vs. Jim Inhofe:

And vote on Cory Gardner vs. Duncan Hunter:


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