Queen of Everything…Renaissance Woman

Politically incorrect and not afraid to tell you what I think. Have been asked why I don’t run for office but with all the skeletons in my closet I think I will stay on the citizen journalist side of the political fray. Maybe something I say through these and other pages will stick, perhaps even make it into the stream of consciousness of our national conversation and change direction of even one persons thinking. Before you read to far though, just so we are clear I am a Progressive Democrat, a lifelong Liberal, one of those terrible Social Democrats; whatever you want to call me is fine just don’t call me a Right-Wing Conservative though you might find some of my thinking isn’t necessarily aligned with my more progressive friends on the Left.

There was a time when my dream was to grow old so I could sit on my porch and yell at the kids across my yard while I shake my cane at them. Now? Well, lets just say my dreams have changed. I would prefer not to grow old, though I suspect I will fail at stopping time entirely. I would prefer I think to remain vital, active and even perhaps not quite so crotchety as the old woman in my original fantasy. Now I have a dream of growing old more gracefully; shaking my pointer at a chalkboard and stuffing young and eager minds full of useful information I have gained through a lifetime of living.

I am a seeker after my own truths. I don’t claim to know the truth about anything but my own life and my own experiences. I would never insult you by proselytizing or patronizing, I will however tell you what I think about religion and its impact on society. If you are insulted, I apologize in advance but suffice it to say I remain unrepentant in my search for the truth and in this search I continue to challenge standards and social structures.

I write about what I know and what I am interested in. The range of my interests is broad from society, marriage, relationships, politics, history and religion to the occasional off-ramp into work, specifically the work I do. I am a consultant, a project manager working the technology industry. I work for myself and spend most of my time away from home. I know how to get through airports, find the best restaurants, get the best hotel rooms, find the best deals and battle airlines when they lose your luggage. I also know a few things about the work I do.

Bottom line? In past times, were I a man I might have been referred to as a Renaissance Man now I will just have to the QBG! I will let  you sort that one out for yourself.


  1. wow, une Femme de la Renaissance… excellent! which means that you’re “une femme de qualité supérieure”… yesss! 🙂

  2. Your strength and convictions (not to mention royal title!) have made me a constant reader. You’re the best my friend. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Finally, I know what QBG stands for!

  4. How funny that you had wanted to grow old and shake your cane. I suppose that being the everything-queen is a much better aspiration. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. I ran for town council in North Miami 1983 and ’85. Now I have been in the pokey a few times in my drinkin’ days . The Miami Herald never asked of this in interview but published my record the Sunday prior to the Tuesday election. They musta got paid off substantially. The second try they got hold of my divorce papers naturally full of the most horrible accusations and published that. I suppose it did not matter. With no money and just a team of half a dozen got 26% of vote both times which is spectacular against the in-crowd machine. Thanks visit my blog-always funny stuff here.

    • Carl this is why I say to many I would never run for office, don’t want my skeletons dancing the tango out of my closet to someone else’s tune. Far to ugly.

      Thanks for the visit.


      • Yeah, if I had done just 1% of the things of which I was accused I’d be 700 years old. One point of irony : the ideas and recommendations with which I campaigned were all incorporated by the next few subsequent administrations. So my efforts were not in vain.

  6. Off topic: You recently enjoyed an article about a Cincinnatian with Down Syndrome. Another article about him was in our paper yesterday. You’ll love it too. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20121007/SPT04/121007004/Ted-Kremer-Reds-fan-top-world

  7. i loved this. i don’t think it was the piece you were referencing though, eh? xo, sm

  8. Hello up there, can you hear me all the way down here, at the bottom of your comment pile? Just want to thank you for your drive by and to say I’m looking forward to sh**ing in your nest more often 🙂

  9. You made my birthday awards list please stop by and pick one http://paulaacton.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/more-awards-on-my-birthday/

  10. To give your mind a break from politics, I nominated you for a {Booker} Award. Feel free to accept or ignore as you prefer, I will not be offended. These awards are a mixed blessing!

  11. Such a well written description. 😉 Intelligence is realizing you don’t know anything.

    • Gad, I must be brilliant!!

      I discovered years ago I don’t now a thing. But I keep trying and in the interim I will continue to talk a good game I hope. 😉

      Please add your name and blog link to the Blog Role so others can find you. I hope you will return in the future.


  12. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award! Check out the link http://justanotherwakeupcall.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/rainbows-on-my-windscreen/

  13. I don’t think you have to be old to shake your cane at people. They’ll sell canes to young people, too.

  14. I invite you to look at my new photo. I greet and wish you have a nice week!


  15. You sound like that woman from the poem who promises that when she grows older that she shall wear purple! Thank you for paying me a visit today. Imagine! A Goddess visited my blog and I almost missed her!

    • I am that, but many other things. When I grow old I will continue to wear purple! I will also continue to wear very high heels while toddling across roads, I cannot imagine life without Red Hats and high heels, can you?

  16. I wonder if I would be considered a renaissance man? ( :

    I agree with you about not knowing everything. I have learned from my own life experiences, but I have not experienced everything. I try not to hurt anyones feelings, but I will always tell the truth. When I do not have an answer then I do not say anything at all. I would rather listen than talk because I listening is how we learn. We cannot learn anything while running our mouth, at least I do not think so!

    • William, Hi

      The term actually has a historical context, meaning to have a broad interest and knowledge across many disciplines.

      I think you are right, we do indeed learn more by listening!

      Thanks for stopping in, hope you will return.


  17. Hi, Valentine. Thanks for dropping by my site. Fraz appreciates your vote of confidence.

    • Thank you so much. I will pick it up and will do my best to recognize and respond. I am slow on these right now but trying to commit myself to get off my tush and thank people.

  18. All I gotta say ////// is YAY……….
    Real Talk ……
    Love it xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo
    people that talk the talk and walk the talk ……. You know ? = You …….:)
    Cat xx

    • Cat, Good Morning !!

      I am so glad you found your way here. I have actually been following you for a bit and know you through Sue Dreamwalker, Red and others. Come back and chat anytime you will be most welcome!



  19. Androgoth says:

    Just calling in to wish you
    a Happy 4th of July Val 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  20. You Are Loved my dear Val! Please accept my gift for you here: http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/07/01/another-versatile-blogger-award-and-today-is-you-are-loved-day/
    Thank you so much for following All About Lemon and for your continuous support. I highly appreciate this very sincerely. Enjoy your gift and have fun!
    Dolly xoxo

  21. First-timer here … (btw, thanks for the visit) …. and you see like a person who can think for themself. 🙂

    • I generally do, not a crowd follower. I enjoyed reading over on your side! Going back for more as soon as I catch myself up. Thank you for coming over.

      • Politically, I’m on the independent moderate side, but liberals feels comfortable there …. generally, conservatives are more uneasy, In general, posts are for the pragmatic. My Wednesday feature (up now) is a break meant for a chuckle.

  22. –Run for office, please…I shall vote for you.

    “A seeker after your truth” I like very much. Xx

    • Way to many skeletons dance merrily in my closet for me to put myself in the way of nasty and terrible talking heads. Thank you though! I think instead I will just continue to try my hardest to scream ‘WAKE UP, we are sinking’ and hope like all hell someone hears and wants to do something.


  23. Androgoth says:

    With having those Skeletons in your closet,
    this makes you a prime target for the Zombies
    of plenty to call round but don’t worry I have
    instructed them that they have to be gentle…
    Especially as this is my first visit here, well I
    think that it is anyway? 🙂 I do hope that after
    reading this comment that I will be allowed
    another visit? 🙂 In the meantime keep adding
    your views and I will try and keep up with them,
    now how about that for being fair? 🙂

    Have a Skeleton free Wednesday now 🙂


  24. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oh boy, QBG, you rally do have me on that one. I’m thinking Queen Bitch Googler, because the ‘Queen Bitch’ just SO stands out with the QB, but, um…. Queen Bitch Grass-seller? Queen Bitch Gangsta? I don’t know, I’m from Oz. Got know idea. We only have Queer But Gays over here… sorry.

    But loved your post! I realised too I don’t want to grow old! My mirror laughed at me. But thanks for the laugh in this, too 🙂

    http://www.VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com / http://www.WordsFallFromMyEyes.wordpress.com

  25. well said Val. continue…

  26. I wondered if you might like to do a guest post for my site… if interested please contact me…http://caroltravelwriter.wordpress.com

  27. SynthesistChronicles says:

    I am also a seeker after my own truths. I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  28. I am a seeker after my own truths Loved this, Val. Keep it up!

  29. Hi Valentine, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  30. Hello Val…may I call you Val?
    Thank you for stopping by my and the follow. I guess you found me through Red…a wonderful lady she is. You remind me of her a bit. You are very high spirited and witty.
    I don’t believe in Relegion. I think that was something fabricated by man to set rules on people in order to control them. Not of God at all in my eyes.
    It was very nice to meet you today. You have a wonderful day ahead.

    • Deb, Hi

      Please call me Val (everyone else does). Yes, Red sent me your way and indeed she is. I believe strongly in religion but won’t say normally what I believe, you have said it politely what I say normally more impolitely. I look forward to watching what comes from you in the future.

  31. Hello and thank you for clicking the Follow Button 🙂 I am pleased to meet you, I admire your spirit.. I too seek out my own Truth, and if you spoke on Religion nothing you could say could upset me.. For Religion is but a word created by Man.. I hold within my own ‘Being’ a Knowing within one’s own soul as to the Truth of our Origins And if one lives within the Truth of one’s own Heart, it matters not if you believe in any one religion or not. We All are of the same, we come with nothing and go with only that which we hold dear in our hearts..Being of one Faith or denomination makes no difference to our soul’s journey, only the way in which that Journey was lived has a bearing on how it progresses. Blessings to you, upon your own journey.. and seeking of that Truth.. Sue ~Dreamwalker

    • It was wonderful to spend some time wandering through your art yesterday. I am always so amazed and feel so fortunate when I meet people of great talent. Thank you for sharing on your site. My journey takes me on many strange pathways, like you I have come to the conclusion man has named most of the paths. I try not to offend when I share my thinking, but I think I obviously do. I am glad we have met I suspect I haven’t reached the point where I am as kind.

      • Plain speaking is only saying your own truth.. Many who speak nicely to our faces often speak unkindly behind our backs.. I know which I would prefer.. Thank you for your compliments upon my art work.. And a Happy Earth Day to you today..
        Although I suspect The Earth is Far from Happy with Mankind!!!…

  32. Val, I like the cut of your jib lady. continue…

  33. I’ve passed on the ABC award to you! Enjoy,

  34. Valentine, thank you for the sub. i shall try to amuse and inform…and i appreciate your reading. i shall also check in on you as well. continue…

  35. It is interesting that our focus/dreams change as we get older.. er.. older than yesterday… er… more EXPERIENCED… that sounds better!

  36. It is a mystery to me how a woman can live to be our age (I’m assuming here) and be open to people and experience and NOT be a progressive. A salute to you and your Quiet Blogging Gonads.

  37. I respect all political ideologies. Political discussions are good as long as people don’t sound like talking points and can explain why they take the positions that they do.

    • I do also, I simply thus far have made a conscious decision to keep politics out of this particular site though I make no bones about where I stand. The link to my political ramblings is right there for anyone who want to read and beat me over the head. I suspect sometimes one can’t help sounding a bit like their ideologies, especially if these are also framed on idealistic visions. Hard sometimes to separate them, you know?

  38. Raven of Leyla says:

    I would not be insulted by your political preferences…well I am very left, liberal lifelong democrat, but lingering toward Independant of late.
    I would not run for office because of my skellies, oh dear I certainly lived an unconventional life 😀
    I longed to grow up, but I am sure I have not…I don’t want to grow old. Old people seem so set in their ways, often grouchy :/ I think I may be demented or backsliding as in going into a second childhood LOL Since I have been a empty nester it is more like Grannie gone Wild 😆
    great post 😀

    • I thus far have tried to stay away from politics on this one, I think perhaps I have chosen to make friends here instead of enemies. We shall see what happens in the future. My politics can be found in a linked site though (Mostly Political Thinking by Me) if you want to pursue, feel free. I am starting to gear up once again as the election season begins to take on the look of a cage match.

      I don’t know about the whole growing old thing, really? I am nearly 55 (September). Although I can be grouchy I don’t think I am set in my ways (not all of them anyway). I suspect my generation has far to many old hippies in it who really didn’t leave their free thinking ways at the doorstep of adulthood. We didn’t all suddenly become Republicans 😉

      I am a lifelong Independent. Social Progressive (much to my families dismay) Recovery Catholic (much to some of my families horror) and many of other things that frighten the Hades out of most of those who are related to me.

  39. Raven of Leyla says:

    You sound like me we have much in common 😉
    Quick Babbling Genie???
    Hey…I tried there LOL…
    Fun read!

  40. Love your politics — well because they are mine, too. Smart women think alike. I just read this post and am looking forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

  41. riatarded says:

    Ok I am going to try this again! I have been trying to comment for quite some time!

  42. You really should go into politics and just be honest with those bones in the closet. I am a far, right wing guy, and I am so tired of good candidates, on both sides, getting their message shut down because of what they did, or might have done, years ago. I think this is unfair to the voters. The one guy who took the lead, and never side stepped his past was Jesse Ventura. No matter if you liked the guy, or not, he was honest. Very refreshing. I would love to run for national office someday, but I don’t think I could never have enough cash. Recycling is not a good fund raising strategy!

  43. I love an honest person, even if I disagree with them. I understand your fear of stepping into the political arena with your words. It’s rough out there. But this is your place for your views. Political writing also lends itself to lots of, shall we say, ‘discussion’ lol. But if you can keep it at a good debate it’s awesome.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting and liking 🙂 It is greatly appreciated.

    • Oh I don’t fear it just haven’t decided if I want to clog this one up with it. I have other places I keep the politics going. Most the time (except my hot buttons) I keep it out of the personal.

  44. Considering why most women are referred to as bitches….I consider it a compliment. QBG is quite an honor.
    Great post!

  45. Okay…no problem. I googled it. So you are (by popular ranking)
    Queens Botanical Garden
    Queensland Bookbinders Guild
    Quality Block Grant

    Those all sound like wonderful things to be and work well with any government job you might aspire to have (besides Queen).

    • Hi Barb, I think I tell in another post what QBG actually stands for (Queen Bitch Goddess). I actually have vanity plates on my car QBG 01, it is my one vanity (no really) ;). I hope you stop by and read more. Despite my intro I haven’t yet ventured down the political path, didn’t want to scare people quite yet with the potential of my ravings.

      Thanks for reading though, I am glad you took the guesses they were quite genius.


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