Ask me Anything

That’s right, ask me anything. I am not promising to answer but go ahead ask anyway. Generally I attempt honesty in my dealings, whether in answering questions posed to me on the web or in my real life, so ask if you are curious.

I won’t tell you here what my limits are, if you cross the line I will tell you when you cross it. I won’t place any subject off limit but have a bit ofย decorum, please while my house may not be child friendly I haven’t ‘X-rated’ the Blog.

There are somethings I know a great deal about, others I know a little about. There are things I have unique perspectives on and others I simply am willing to give you an unqualified opinion about if that is what you want. No need to stick with the subjects already covered in the blog, if you want to test me feel free (you might be surprised).

So go ahead, ask me anything. I will try to respond quickly but even if it isn’t quick, I promise I will respond.


  1. You are definitely seeing the world as others are not, (most other people are indeed “stupid”). I have a friend who doesn’t do much, reads nothing, watches crap on tv, then votes for whom her sister tells her. I shake my head. She is probably the “average” American.

    Keep focused on the positive aspects of your life. The house will sell, you are downsizing which is great, and you will land on your feet because you have your eyes open. I lived in my car (with my dog!) for awhile after a bankruptcy. I was 42. And then I thought “hmm what now?” so I went to law school for 3 years. My point is, we never really know where the road is taking us while we are making other plans. I think it’s an exciting place where you are in your life.
    Every decade or so my life changes in weird radical ways and I’ve come to enjoy the new direction. Weird shit happens off and on, that’s life. It’s how we crawl out of the shit that makes us who we are.

    I’m with you wondering what the f is wrong with Americans. They are stupid and lazy and fat, don’t forget fat.

    So smile at that nice intelligent lady in the mirror and lace up your “adventure” boots! You still live in the best country in the world; you don’t have to walk 3 hours for water, and you aren’t bound by sky-daddy loving religious azzhole men who make you walk behind them in a burka in 104 degree weather. Holi Jesus…

    Take care, ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mary, way off in southern California!

    • Thank you for this one, you have made me smile….broadly. Like you, my life seems to change sometimes times dramatically every decade. I think though, at my age I wish it would somewhat mellow out.


  2. Hey Val I was just wondering if you got my email today Monday 22 jul

  3. Hey Val.
    What is this I got a nomination for a shine on award. I am not sure where these awards come from, how people win, or what it means. Can u please explai. It to me if you know

  4. Sorry – no question. Just want to stop by to say Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Jueseppi B. says:

    Morning, you have been awarded the 2012 Blog Of The Year……

    I do hope you accept awards, if not, nevermind!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Question: do you believe in the term “child-free” or “child-less” if someone tries to describe their life situation? Both seem to have a negative connotation. Curious if you’ve heard of anything or have any thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi, I’m a random person on your Facebook list. I saw that pic you shared of Romney giving condolences to Sally Ride though he would deny her partner federal benefits. On that same subject, have you seen this?
    I also liked that pic you shared about how marriage has been redefined so that no one can sell their daughter for three goats and a cow. Regarding the Chick-Fil-A debate, I think you would enjoy this:
    I hope it’s okay that sometimes I see things like this and want to share them with you on Facebook, even though we don’t know each other, because I like the posts you make and admire you for sharing these messages.

    • Letisha, hi

      Don’t mind you sharing at all. It is likely you could share these links more easily on the Facebook page, please feel free to like that page on the right and share all you want. Thanks for sharing these, they are quite good.


  8. Good morning. i must admit to being fascinated by what I have seen of your blog so far. I am a NZer who lives in the US and am always interested in new views (to me) and strong personalities. Have fun today! I don’t have a question for you, just HI.. celi

  9. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Here’s a question for you! (Hello again, BTW! :))
    How do you explain your tattoos to people who don’t get it?


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