House Rules

This is my house. You are not required to agree with everything I say; in fact, I welcome debate on those subjects where it is normal to debate. My rules apply though and they are simple.

  1. Be courteous in your response, whether that response is to others or me.
  2. Never assume I won’t respond to you simply because you are responding to another poster.
  3. Stay on subject. Really, the post I write are generally about one thing stay there. If I wanted to talk about something else I would have written about something else.
  4. No name calling or personal attacks will be tolerated, ever.
  5. I will give you one warning, then I will put you in moderation till you clean up your act.



  1. I LOVE the civility in your comment bar. I didn’t realize until one of my posts got popular how RUDE people can be just because they have a difference of opinion. I’ll have to remember the moderation approach for when people get their panties in a bunch.

    • It is only that we can ask Hannah. It doesn’t always work and honestly sometimes I allow people their say until they cross the line. For the most part though, because people know me quite well and know I can be very sharp myself, they stay within the ‘civility’ guidelines.

  2. I totally agree with your rules, Val… 🙂 I did mention something similar @ my “about”:
    You are kindly invited to interact, to play, to enjoy the ride(s) and to have fun… Make yourself at home, BUT remember one thing, please: you are in my home, so decent language and mutual respect are required and highly appreciated. 🙂

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Rules are always good even though people should know this. I will say, though, that I may get off topic occasionally but only if something that pops into my mind that might help or pertain to the topic.

    • Jackie, I only work through this because all too often in political discussions people (the opposition) want to throw the kitchen sink into the debate. They do this when they can’t legitimately debate the issues.

      I am fairly lax until things get ugly. I have allowed people to call me names, say very nasty things to me and about me. What I don’t allow is other people to be attacked.

  4. Great rules and wonderful blog!

  5. Perhaps a definition my help some folks but maybe not!

Talk Back, Try Civility

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