Shot Across the Blow

It certainly was a week and it only seems to get better, earth shaking and eye opening. If we didn’t know what some elements thought before about power and their ‘right’ to it, we do now. We also know in no uncertain terms just how myopic, scared and ignorant it is possible for a broad swath of this nation to be about the following:

  • Women, our place in society, our rights and privileges
  • Sex, no not gender but SEX

This is what I think of this past week and what some of those who hold high public office should do.

My friend Elyse over at FiftyFourandAHalf wrote a scathing and somewhat tongue-in-cheek assessment of the latest attack on women, the mandatory Vaginal Ultrasound as a pre-condition to abortion. Several states have now adopted this particular strategy, one that in normal circumstances would get you charged with felony rape. Yes, I said it under normal circumstances when a woman is penetrated against her will with a foreign object it is considered rape, at least this use to be true.

So far since 2012 several states have passed regressive draconian new laws taking women back to a time of back alley abortions, a time before ‘don’t worry baby I got rhythm’ or holding an aspirin between our knees was the only means of preventing pregnancy, most times it didn’t work. Some of these new laws have been buried deeply in budgets or other bills; they have been passed without debate or even discussion. Others, such as the one in Texas took two special sessions of the legislature to pass, despite clear protest on the steps of the capital by thousands of men and women.

It gets worse, these very same ignorant mostly men who want to crawl back inside the uterus and rule with an iron fist, yes these ill-informed assbackward misogynistic twits also want to refuse women access to birth control. Can you wrap your head around this one? Some of these ignoramus’s have actually gone so far as to state the IUD and the Pill ‘kill’ babies. These are the same asshats who refuse sex education in our schools of course, demanding we rely entirely upon abstinence education. Yeah that has proven effective.

I wonder did he ever consider it worked for him because he is an asshole.

Finally, just to regress just a little bit further and name names I give you Ken Cuccinelli (and his 7 children) on the GOP ticket for Governor of Virginia. All I can say run fast all you normal people of VA. This idiot wants to overturn a 2003 ruling on Lawrence v. Texas that found any sex, including oral and anal between consenting adults was no one’s business but those consenting adults. Virginia, never changed their Crimes Against Nature law to bring it into compliance, mostly due to Mr. Cuccinelli’s ardent protests while a newly elected state Senator. Now, as the State AG, well he is pursuing charges against a man who solicited a blowjob from a 17-year old (not condoning this act). Here is the wording of the law:

18.2-361. Crimes against nature; penalty.

  1. If any person carnally knows in any manner any brute animal, or carnally knows any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth, or voluntarily submits to such carnal knowledge, he or she shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

He could pursue many other charges, but nope this is the one he wants. The Virginia court has rejected the charge. He has appealed and is pursuing this all the way up to the Supreme Court if he can, this is his ultimate goal.

This is where he wants to go, both Lawrence v. Texas and Roe v. Wade were decided on one prevailing principle, the right to privacy.

This is my thought, with what is happening on the abortion front and with Mr. Cuccinelli’ Crimes Against Nature ploy, as well as, all the other fucktards of the extreme Right. The GOP has its best opportunity, right now with this court; they may not get another chance to strip women of their freedom. The freedom to choose their future and control their bodies. This isn’t just about abortion, this is about women’s access to education, to healthcare, to our ability to lift ourselves out of poverty, to access to birth control, to access to true equality in what is supposed to be a nation of the Free.

As to the rest, they may not get another chance to criminalize homosexuality; this is especially true with the recent rulings from SCOTUS. The GOP is swimming upstream against what the majority of this nation thinks. Their tent continues to get smaller and smaller.

With all the big issues, we continue to face as a nation;

  • Failing Infrastructure
  • Economy
  • War

Don’t you think the GOP could find something better to do than attack women and how people choose to have sex in the privacy of their own homes?

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