Flashes from the Bistro

Have I mentioned the latest Flash compilation from Redmund Productions is available for sale? No? Shame on me!

Flashes from the Bistro Click me to Buy me

Flashes from the Bistro
Click me to Buy me

The latest Flash in the Pan: From the Bistro is available!

If you enjoyed the summer flashes from me, you will truly enjoy the 250 flashes in this book, a compilation from 26 authors some from across the web and some direct submissions. There are some talented and imaginative storytellers in this series, some you know and some who are new for the summer edition all of them make this book a winner.

Let your imagination run free with stories to delight, scare, disturb and amaze.

Available in Paperback, Kindle, E-book and PDF, there is something for everyone. I got mine the day it was released, but then this is the first time I made the cover (I was so excited).

Join me at the Bistro!

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