Anonymity and AssHats

OpEdRecently I was listening to one of the various talk radio stations I listen to on the way to work, or on the way home I don’t remember which now. What I do remember about that day is the caller who was furious and righteous in his fury. Now and then I find myself talking to the radio, sometimes I even curse and I do know many terrible words in a couple of languages even. This particular caller caused me to use them all; I tell you he was beyond ignorant and bordering on downright stupid, perhaps even evil.

It is my assumption that most people have some grain of good in them and some grain of intellectual honesty as well. I know, it is never good to make assumptions they are usually wrong and they usually disappoint. Another thing I know, social media, as well as, radio call in shows allow people the mask of anonymity, thus giving the privilege / right to be gigantic Assclowns without fear of discovery or retribution.

So what turned my crank? Got me screaming foul names at my radio and most certainly looking like a raving idiot at 70mph, well it went something like this:

Radio Host: You are on the air, what did you want to say?

Caller: I just wanted to say, if it wasn’t for White People there wouldn’t be any science, art; nothing. Everyone would still be living in caves and dirt huts grubbing for food like they do in Africa.

Radio Host: What are you saying Caller that you think all advancements came from Caucasians in Europe throughout history?

Caller: Well of course. White people are the only ones with enough intelligence to invent anything; all the modern conveniences came from white people.

This conversation went on for a minute with the caller getting uglier, more racist and ultimately more stupid in his remarks, the host finally shut him down without ever explaining to him just how wrong he was.

I have a secret; it is an important one I think, something we should have all learned in school, something we should all know by now and should all consider critical in how we view the world and our fellow man. So I am going to share it and then find something else to talk about for a day or two, I am going to take a break from my current bout of rage for a few days. Honestly, I am weary of the ignorance I am surrounded by and it seems only to be getting worse.

So here is my secret.

If it were not for those people of Africa, Asia Minor and Asia there would be no Civilization as we know it today. Going back to the time before Christ (how time is measured) while Europeans were barely walking upright, great civilizations rose and fell. Do you wonder what in Hades I am saying, what in Hell I am referring to?

I just bet you do. Well, let me first refer you to the following maps so you understand the definitions of Africa, Asia Minor and Asia.

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I know, you know what Asia Minor, Asia, Africa and even the Middle East are and didn’t need that small refresher course, did you? However, really it was likely a good thing I provided it. Here you were thinking all good things came from Europe and White Men, just like that caller the other day. I mean really that is what you thought in the back of your mind, right? If you were raised in the US of A, it is what you were conditioned to think, no matter how Liberal your family, how well rounded your education, you were none the less trained to think all good things came from those with pale skin and with few exceptions, a penis.

Let me provide a baseline from which we can leap into the pool of understanding.

Were it not for the people of Asia Minor in particular, but also Africa and Asia there would be no “God” of the Jews, the Muslims or the Christians to fight over. Certainly, there would be no Jesus Christ for the Christians to claim as their own. Were it not for the ancient people of Asia, there would be no Buddha. There is not a single religion, not one that was founded by Europeans, that is by Caucasians or White folks. There are offshoots such as Mormons or Snake Handlers they are though all based on something that came before them and not ‘new’. So just to get this straight in our heads, the faith based religions most White Folks follow so fervently, the ones they are willing to kill for and die for these were all created by Brown Folk. Jesus Christ himself, he was of Jewish / Arab racial descent, would have been brown eyed, with black hair, swarthy skin; in fact he would look much like the men and women we fear today in the airport.

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Without religion, there would be no philosophy. Just thought I would throw that one out there as a bone to chew on.

The next great one that did not come from Europe, did not come from Caucasians or more commonly known as White Folks…Writing. Nope, we did not invent any form of written communication. This was first discovered and then improved upon in other parts of the world. In fact, those same parts of the world we are so quick to condemn as barbaric and backward are the seat of early civilization where the first forms of written communication and math are documented.

Some of the Great Wonders of the World could not have been built without Architectural genius and advanced Mathematics.

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None of them strangely enough in Europe, none of them oddly enough from White Folks. With all this being said, I don’t want anyone to believe I don’t give credit where credit is due. Once the Romans conquered, marching through Asia Minor and parts of Africa, along with much of Europe, spreading joy and book burnings wherever they went, things changed quickly. Slavery for the sake of slavery came into vogue, violence and blood sports as a national pastime (think murder for the masses) and new forms of economic Democracy (vote buying) that have been passed down to us here in the good old US of A.

In the meantime, simply to put things in perspective here are just some of the Black Folks who have contributed to the betterment of our human society.

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To the caller and anyone else who thinks this way, please educate yourself or simply find the pit in Hell and jump in. You and your kind are why we are in the pitiful condition here and elsewhere in the world. It is your thinking that causes the problem. It is your thoughtless ignorance that starts the wars, kills our children and draws borders around nations. It is you, your ignorance that has people, both men and women, young and old lying on the streets of this nation dead by police too quick to fire their guns. Your ignorance, your xenophobia, your misplaced pride in something you had nothing to do with other than being born with the ‘right’ level of melanin.

You are the problem and you truly should seek help for your ignorance. Someone I love continues to tell me racism is a disease. I wish you and everyone like you would work toward a cure, I truly do.

White Man Improvements


  1. Wow.. what a great post.. you summed it all up in your last sentence Val..

    “You are the problem…. (( Yes its all starts with altering our selves Val, our own perceptions and judgements )) and you truly should seek help for your ignorance. Someone I love continues to tell me racism is a disease. I wish you and everyone like you would work toward a cure, I truly do”.

    So many who still live life with blinkers on.. And yes Africa played a Major historic role..

    Have you heard of the Dogon tribe and Sirius?… 🙂

  2. And there is an entire party pushing to ensure his ability to breed. Just think, another generation of dumbfuckery. Ugh

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    Food for thought.

  4. You could also mention that white people haven’t done a lot of inventing up to at least 14th-16th century either, and Muslim civilization did a large part of inventing back then. For example, chemistry and algebra, which make possible pretty much every modern convenience, have been advanced by Muslims (and even the very words “chemistry” and “algebra” are of Arabic origin, just to make this point even more obvious).
    P.S. “women did all the work”? That Indian Chief was quite a mysogynist, apparently. 🙂

  5. This is exactly why I steer clear of talk radio. I do not want to listen to some yammering fool with the intellectual capacity of a small soap dish. Next time, Val, switch the station to music.

    • I can’t, I just can’t. There is something inside of me that forces me to listen to the Progressive talkers for that short drive everyday. Part of it really is for just these types of callers. I don’t know what it is, masochism maybe.

  6. Guillermo Arnaud says:

    All good, except Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, NOT an astrologer!

  7. Oh,
    I’m surprised he allowed him on the air.
    I would have said “Bye, Bye, Asshole.


  8. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I like having sane people around me. *sigh*

  9. I don’t know how you didn’t drive your car into something just to shut this loser up.

    Ignorance is a terrible thing. But it has become a point of pride amongst a certain segment of our population. The politicians pander to it — remember Santorum poo-pooing the idea of a university education as if it were gum on your shoe? Dumb people are electing dumber people who cut education budgets, science budgets, arts budgets.

    I really fear for the future that we’re leaving to our kids.

  10. Sadly, the people who listen to/call in to talk radio exist in their very own special bubble of ignorance, and they are not interested in that bubble bursting. I listen to talk radio sometimes, and it’s like visiting a different planet. It’s also bad for my blood pressure.

  11. Glad to see I’m not the only one who yells at ignoramuses on the radio. That guy ranks right up there among the top of The Ignoramuses. Of course, that’s perhaps a title he’d be proud of. As my hubs says, you can’t fix stupid.

  12. Well-done, Val! Here are some other facts: horses were first domesticated in Central Asia. The ancient Chinese developed the first printing system, gunpowder and the earliest known earthquake detector. People of the Indian subcontinent developed some of the most complex mathematical applications still used today. The ancient Mayans charted the stars and developed their legendary calendar with amazing accuracy. The Aztecs were the first to use ‘0’ as a place number. Before the Industrial Revolution, most of what Europeans developed actually came from Asia, the Middle East or India, so it was more like borrowing.

    But, let the ignoramuses believe whatever they want. They’ll never be right!

  13. Unfortunately, you can’t reason with unreasonable people. They are usually brought up with these ideas, or are ready, for one reason or another, to accept this poison into their beings. We are all born as innocents. What happens after that, is the basis of the rest of our lives. Excellent rant!

    • And believe it or not, this was a mild one, thanks!

      We are all born innocent of all the hate and foolishness. I often wonder if we couldn’t create a rule, ‘if you are racist and / or ignorant, you don’t get to raise your children.”

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    Another great post from a fellow blogger. It really is a good piece, one I highly recommend reading!

  15. Great post. Being white is really a “curse”. TY ….

    • Well it isn’t really a curse. It is simply how we are born. The truth is, those of us born this way are afraid if we start to give up our power and start to share, start to see others are equal we will not grow greater but instead become powerless.

      It is ignorant.

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    This is the Civics, Social Studies classes these idiots missed! Please, educate yourself …. here’s your chance!

  17. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on MrMilitantNegro™.

    • I find it amazing that I too have rarely if ever seen a picture of Jesus in anything but Caucasian skin.

      • It is I think a problem with European Centric thinking, ‘good is white’ and ‘bad is black’ or anything not ‘White’. Thus since ‘Jesus’ is ‘Good’ he must be ‘White’. Despite all evidence in the Bible to the contrary.

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