South Carolina Legislature Floats Bill To Require All Public School Students To Take NRA-Approved Gun Rights Course.

I had something else I was going to write today, this though it took the wind from my sails. I wobble between heartbreak and fury. There is a piece of me that simply shakes my head, wondering how these idiots ever got elected, then I realize apathy and ignorance sent them to their state house to wreak havoc on the next generation.


  1. Val I can not tell you how sick this make me feel..

  2. No, no no no… this can’t be true, no way. Isn’t there any other way to make a country safe but giving weapons to everyone, sane or insane?

  3. Yet we condemn the Islamic terrorists for doing the same thing with their children. This is like creating a domestic Hitler Youth. Seems just about every agenda group tries to get things like this added to the curriculum and the kids don’t get the basic readin’, writin’ and ‘ rithmetic.

  4. Wow I mean what is going on with this? Wrong on so many levels. It’s advocating violence!

  5. That is such a big bowl of wrong, it’s mind blowing.

  6. W . h . a . t . ?

  7. I read this too and simply can’t cannot fathom anyone who thinks that this is so very important. What would the classes be? Ok, you have the language in the amendment, which talks about militia.

    Ok. My head is exploding.

    • Yep, mine is too.

      From the state that brought us the ridiculous Lindsey Graham, now we are going to spend more time on NRA Guns For All then Economics, History, Math, Science, Language Arts… oh you know all the things they actually need.

  8. I feel viscerally ill after reading that. I’m going to need some time to process this one. What is happening in this country? Guns, guns, guns. And this is supposed to make us feel safer? I think not.


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