The Names

This is stunning in its horror. Something has to change.


  1. As always, Val, you are educating us.
    I didn’t know this.

  2. We must stop the disregard for life. Yes, cops have dangerous jobs. No, they can’t kill first and ask questions later. I am reblogging this list. Hugs, Barbara

  3. It reminds me of the AIIDS quilts. Val, for about the past three years Floyd Simpson has been the chief of police for Corpus Christi. Yesterday afternoon he was killed near Port Aransas while riding his motorcycle. He is mourned by the city as he adopted CC, made positive changes to the police force and became a friendly face of the department. The city was fortunate to have him, I thought, in light of police problems in recent days relating to race relations. Floyd Simpson was African-American who brought us together to make CC a better place for all of us. Other cities are not so fortunate. Read about him here.

  4. I feel awful “liking” this–seems incongruent. Anyway, I knew there were a lot, but I had no idea that there were this many names. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness. My heart is breaking. At least the DA office of Baltimore has accused the policeman of murder regarding Freddie Gray. This is all too sad for words.

  5. Far too many names Val.. Far far too many!!

  6. All those names, all those lives lost. Heartbreaking.

  7. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    Yesterday I was thinking about writing this very post. What I found daunting was finding all the names with my scant spare minutes. So terribly many names, so little time. Argh.

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