Holy Hell and Despots

I read somewhere recently that hungry hearts willingly eat lies, or something to that effect. This simple statement stuck with me and I wondered how many different situations it might apply too.

Certainly in our personal relationships. All of us at one time or another have fooled ourselves or allowed ourselves to be fooled because of our own need for love, safety and security. Maybe we simply allowed our hungry heart to override our intellect diving into the shallow end head first even knowing it was ultimately going to hurt. We eat the lies fed to us, the lies we need to hear for our hearts survival.

Now I come to the real crux of my meandering thoughts on why this simple statement has stuck with me. The real question I have been asking for days, weeks, months even; can entire groups of people become ‘hungry’ and swallow lies? Swallow them whole and without question, without challenge. Is this how cults are born? Is this how the souls of nations are lost? Is this how despots are lifted up as saviors while heroes are cast down and spat on, kicked in the head and sullied for their contributions and sacrifices.

If this is true, what has caused this starvation at the heart of our nation? Truly, I ask this in all sincerity. What is the worm that has eaten away at our national pride? What has turned us from the beacon of hope and the shinning city to the era of Governing by Tweeter proclamation, personal animosity and Reality Show Carnage.

If this is how it happens, this hunger that will eat any lie no matter how outrageous, no matter how contrary to previous norms, ethics and values I fear for us all. I think of the cult following of Jim Jones that resulted in 918 people who willingly murdered their own children, loved ones and selves  while shouting Hallelujah. I compare them to all the many once respectable Republicans of Washington who willingly heap praise on the singularly most ignorant President in our history and his quest to ‘Make America Great Again’.

I consider friends, family and others who I know well and who willingly turn a blind eye to the corruption of this administration. I wonder what would cause them to do this, why would they support this tyrant despite all the evidence of who and what he is. None in my circle are racists, none are bigots, none have ever abused a child or a woman; these people love America just like I love America. Once upon a time they were true Conservatives, now I don’t recognize them or their politics. Now when we talk, the discourse turns ugly. Now when we disagree the rally cry is “I am for Trump” and “you can leave if you don’t like it”. Now when we talk, forbid there is anything at all that challenges this President’s competency, decisions, or his leadership on any scale, immediately the gloves come off and the name calling begins. This, from friends and family.

Civility has left the building. The shining city on the hill has turned the lights off and closed door. France has asked for the Statue back and Canada has  kidnapped the Bald Eagle to protect it from us.

We are not the laughing stock of the world, we are something far worse. We are a source of fear and anxiety. This president has aggressively pursued a systematic destruction of long-held alliances. He has insulted heads of states without consideration to how his personal perverse piss-off of the day affects world-wide relationships. We have, thanks to this president entered an era of isolationism and exited the world stage right leaving it in the hands of those who will run with it, economically and politically leaving us poor and strangled on our own miasma and a willful failure to engage. What does the world think of us?

We lose, if we don’t demand the two arms of government intended to provide checks and balance on the Administrative arm begin exercising their authority rather than cowering in fear, we lose. The GOP has shown they are willing to kowtow to the pressure of the Trump Cult rather than speak out, to stand up. They have shown they are afraid of the Cult of Trump, the ‘base’ of ginned up terrified White folk. Because of this fear we will lose this nation and our position in the world for generations to come.

Civility is gone. Common decency is gone. Alliances are going, maybe forever. Now, SCOTUS will be gone, by two seats and possibly by two more before the end of Trumps first term. While we look for the President to represent what is best in us on the world stage, this president is everything that is and has ever been what is the worst in us, he is the incarnation of our worst angels.

Donald J. Trump is the personification of 246 years of slavery

Donald J. Trump is the personification of 100 years of Jim Crow

Donald J. Trump is the personification of the Immigration Quota Act of 1924 establishing quotas based on national origin and limiting numbers specifically from Asian nations

Donald J. Trump is the personification of the turning away of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany as a ‘danger’ to the security of the US, 1939 St Louis is the most prominent case

Donald J. Trump is the personification of the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans beginning in 1946

This is just the short list. Donald J. Trump has a desire to ‘Make America Great Again’, what this means to him is an unknown but based on his history all of us can guess, can’t we? Worst than his daily horror show though, is his cult following, all too willing to repeat and even act on his lies.

Hungry hearts eat lies. A nation ate the lies of a con man and in so doing sent us down a slippery slope with an despotic leader at the helm and no one willing to hold him accountable. Donald J. Trump is the accumulation of all our worst inclinations, our worst actions and worst moments in history. He is the very personification of all that has ever been horrifying in our past embodied in a single person and he has a cult following willing to resurrect those times to ‘Make America Great Again’.



  1. Reblogged this on Sunshinebright and commented:
    Very well stated. I agree with every word. We are at the mercy of this genius maniac. Our Congress won’t save us. He has cast a spell. They have thrown away any moral qualities they,might have had.

  2. I have asked the question, how many times does one need to hear a lie before one believes it? More and more, the answer is once. It is a knowing choice.

    When pleas for better go unanswered, one is likely to take the next along the pike, even if the person is toxic and murderous. I have buried quite a few who have personified this.

    Just ugh.

    • On an individual level, it is easy to understand. On a national level, whole people, for me at least, it is far more difficult and far more frightening.

  3. Every day it gets a little worse. I fear this rabbit hole is bottomless.

  4. Val, it’s not just the US… the whole world ( apart from this little backwater – New Zealand) seems to be struggling to keep its integrity and humanity… and at the same time, beavering away below the radar, like worms enriching the earth, there are so many good people doing their best year in year out, living lives of decency and kindness, and maybe they and their goodness will prevail…

    • Oh Valerie, I pray every single day the good will ultimately outweigh the bad. Truly my knees are hardening as I spend more time on them than on my feet these days. I hope you are well my friend. I am going to start making the rounds and reading soon, now that I am (I hope) starting to write more.

  5. Yep – but I wonder where it leads? What’s next? I side of me says elections will take of this … but another side of me sees a civil war on the horizon.

  6. Oh, Val, we think it cannot get any worse and it does! You write with your usual style and passion. I can agree with everything you wrote. I finished reading Madeliene Albright’s book, “Fascism, a Warning” and it truly is a warning for this country’s democracy. I don’t understand how seemingly sensible friends and family can accept the lies and incivility! All ok otherwise. Hope you are doing well. You must be as I can see you have not lost your voice. Cheers

    • I write, it simply takes me longer. I believe though it is getting so bad I am finding once again I can no longer hide in my room with my bubble of silence. You are so right, we think it cannot get worse and Boom, there it is, worse in your face. I don’t know what is next, it is strange this nation right now.

      Hope you are well.

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