Stop, It is Us

It would be stunningly simple-minded of us to think with the installation of a new President, on January 20, 2021, there will be a shift back to something resembling normal.  The problem with this thinking is twofold;

  1. A significant number of our fellow Americans voted to keep President Trump in office and believe his fairy tales regarding the election and its legitimacy.
  2. As a nation, we face both a recession and a pandemic, neither of which will be cured overnight.

Finally, beyond the obvious, Trump, unlike past Presidents, has no plans to transition power quietly. He will continue to grab as much of the spotlight as possible. He will continue to be part of the focus, as the Senate’s Impeachment Trial is undertaken. He and his supporters in Congress will continue to spread vitriol and lies on every media platform available to them. He will continue to be a disruptive force of malevolence. For the foreseeable future, there will continue to be those who encourage and embrace him.

For approximately seventy-eight (78) more hours, we have to worry about just how much more damage Donald J. Trump, his cadre of sycophants, enablers, and true believers can do to the nation. It is obvious there are few in what was once the Republican Party who are willing to stand up and be counted as outside of DJT’s toxic national destruction league. After the violent insurrection of January 6, most of the world is left wondering who we are and what we will become. The Insurrection Coalition of Congress uniformly voted not to Impeach Donald J. Trump, with only ten (10) holdouts who all are now worried their lives may be in danger.

Me? For the first time in my life, I watched and thought to myself, I despise a whole group of public officials. I despise them for their craven and self-serving acts, for their lies, and their support of the insurrection. I listened to them, for the better part of four (4) years, as they casually tore down all that was worthwhile, that made America work no matter how imperfectly. I watched them on January 6 as they attempted to disenfranchise millions of votes, not just any votes but the votes of mostly Black and Brown people from cities across the nation; they did this without blinking an eye. I listened as elected officials and supposed Christian leaders told their constituents and congregants that Donald J. Trump walked on water and served their best interest, even as he pillaged the Treasury, tore down the pillars of our government, and weakened the nation before the world.

I watched it all, and I hung my head in shame, this is us, this is America.

This is America; we cannot deny our complicity in this opening of the overcoat. The America that allows White Nationalism to thrive within our borders. That enables a casual disregard of science within the highest seats of our government. An America that allows hundreds of thousands to die in a pandemic for the sake of ‘freedom’ to not take precautions because body autonomy and the right to choose far outweigh the greater public good. An America that sent hundreds of thousands into poverty for the ego of one man in the Senate who refused to bring a Bill to the Senate floor for debate. This is America, where one side watched as children were mowed down in their schools and worshippers in their churches by lunatics with too much access to guns but did nothing. This is America where Black bodies can be casually murdered in the streets and in their beds by the police, and there are zero accountability and zero acknowledgment by anyone in power.

I watched, I listened. I heard over and over, the gnashing of teeth and the wailing, this is not us. When the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, I watched in horror. When the gallows were raised outside the Capitol, I listened as the insurrectionists called for Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi to be killed. When they beat the police inside and outside the Capitol, I wept. When the Capitol police opened the doors, took selfies with the terrorists, and then politely escorted them out after they had pissed and smeared feces throughout the building. I thought to myself, it is all coming out now, and we see you. When the American flag was lowered and tossed to the ground, and the Trump 2020 flag was raised in its place, I wondered, will this finally be enough? Hours later, I had my answer; it was not. The truth is, this is us

All of my life, I have been a centrist. Pragmatic about politics and politicians. There are some issues where I am left of center and others where I am admittedly right though not by much. These past four (4) years have taught me a crucial lesson. It is impossible to remain in the center, impossible to stay pragmatic. It is impossible to say I am not something; today, you must take a stand and be against it. This goes beyond politics; it goes to the heart of who we are, as a nation, and as a people. It is indeed time to pick a side time to be for or against the things that matter.

This is not us, yes I am sorry to say it is until we demand a change, until we demand it is us no longer.


  1. I am a centrist, too, Val, and will always be a centrist. I’m equally appalled by what happened on January 6. I kept thinking, if the rioters had been Black, Hispanic and/or Native American, they wouldn’t have even made it to the Capitol steps. They would have been mowed down immediately! I’m even angrier – yet not truly surprised – that many of those insurrectionists had been inside the building a day or two before the incident under the guise of visiting. The FBI had warned of such violence the week prior to the riot, so local officials had some sense of the pending chaos.

    I’m also disillusioned, but I know we’ll rise above this. No one ever thought this could occur in this nation. I mean, that was third-world type of violence! It’s not supposed to happen here. But it did, and we have to deal with the aftermath.

    I still have faith in we moderates to take back control of the American spirit and make it more functionable for all people. It’ll be tough and frustrating, but I’m certain we can make a true difference.

    • I think it is critical we all sit still and demand truth vs the rumor mills we have today. Each time I hear new additions I cringe, then I ask where the information came from. It was already bad, but I think we have to weigh all of it and make certain we know the reality.

      I agree the middle will likely eventually shine a light, but not if we don’t also start taking a stand.

  2. I agree, Val. And we have to admit that the Emperor has no clothes.

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    From this post – sadly, I totally agree!! … “This goes beyond politics; it goes to the heart of who we are, as a nation, and as a people. It is indeed time to pick a side time to be for or against the things that matter.
    This is not us, yes I am sorry to say it is.”

    • Thank you, as always, thank you. You and I see the same thing. I have had several discussions lately with people from all walks of life, all say the same. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines.

      • Most welcome, dear friend!! You got that right!! We can’t sit by … in every which way we can, we have to do something, get involved.
        I’m glad to have you in my circle of important people!! ❤ ❤ … from the heart!!

  4. You always have a way of putting words to my thoughts. This country has turned into a mockery of itself.

    • It has done that. I continue to be hopeful we can turn a corner and begin to correct ourselves. It is going to be an uphill battle though. The first step is acknowledging there is indeed a very real problem.

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