Red’s Birthday Blast

Today is a shout out, a bang up against Red’s door. If you don’t know my friend Red, you are missing an experience in erudite snark that should be part of everyone’s day, or at least the week.

I adore Red. If I tried, I could not begin to list the ways in which she has supported me over the course of our friendship. Made me laugh when I needed a bit of laughter, forced me to look into dark rooms and turn on lights, pushed me to value myself when I felt a bit low.

Red has a biting wit and a big heart, doesn’t suffer fools gladly or otherwise but opens her house to all comers. She has an astounding capacity for giving; she is seemingly tireless though I know differently.

Her talent, her brilliance and her humor constantly dumbfounds me; I don’t think I could pick one over the other if I tried. In her pursuit of excellence not only has she published her own books, she has stewarded others through the writing and edit process and published others in her new publishing company Redmund Productions, I have watched this process up close and personal and been constantly stunned. Want to see the results, a link to the REDMUNDPRO site and the books available for sale are to the right, that beautiful lady, open it up and browse the bookshelves.

These are Reds own books, written while she performed the edit for six other authors and the Link to Redmund Productions!


Killing Us Softly


Darkness Introduced

Darkness Introduced

My friend Red has a few favorite things…..

Bookshelves everywhere

Bookshelves everywhere

images (48)

Can you guess the location?




Which fall into the favorite list? Can you guess? Do you think she will tell?

Happy Birthday Red! 

My guest host today sent along this poem for Red. Andro has been a longtime friend and foil of Red and often climbs through my own blog as well. I leave this Birthday wish for my friend Red with his lovely poem:

With boots of red and stilettos so high is it mischievous to envisage what is inside?

When we choose to look deeper we find strength of will and the determination to conquer more, she is never still.

Always on the move touching upon minds and our hearts, fashioning everything she touches until the light of day departs.

Working through the night candles burn through the witching hour while Red amazes everyone with her radiance and creative powers.

Books need editing, code written in style and always her children that wake up in the mornings to a tender and loving smile.

Her warm and caring ways are infinite but she is rather wicked too, as in her wardrobe is the evidence of a naughty bodice or two.

The nights are not just for writing, there are naughtier times planned, even down to the crack of a whip and a paddle of evilness in hand.

Red has many guises most fitting her depravity, indeed it is a knack, as those poor slaves will witness as she spreads them on the rack.

A tickle with a feather, a slap or an electrode zapping with glee Red chuckles with laughter as she works them to a thrilling degree.

With boots of red and stilettos so high, we wish you a very Happy Birthday with a wink of an eye.


If you want in on the fun, feel free to leave a note or add your own post and link back here. I am more than happy to send your thoughts on to Red today!

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