Red Hat for Red

redhatOne must wonder what we are coming too in this world, what we are becoming. My friend who is generally not one to rant, not one to open the windows and scream into the wind, not one to open the door to her world and show her personal fury has done just that. As I read her justified tirade, I was ravaged by the heartlessness shown her by those who surround her. Truthfully, I wanted to jump on a plane with my cowboy boots firmly in place and go stomp on some people’s heads.

Well stomping on people is wrong; you and I know violence never solves anything. Thinking about it surely does make us feel better sometimes though.

When I consider what my friend, Red does for others, what she accomplishes every day I am dumbfounded. It amazes me, always her capacity too reach out and share of herself and her knowledge and experience, rarely getting redscarlettthanked, rarely getting much in return. Then I smack myself in the forehead, I think how little help she has, day in and day out; living on top of a mountain one mile past where the hell am I in South Carolina, with two young Autistic children and not one single bit of help from anyone.

Want more? Please read what Red has to say about the State, the City and just how heartless people really are here.

Read Red’s Story


  1. I am off to read right now…… I have so much to catch up with .. And True friendship is standing by your friends… Red is a remarkable woman, and she has a great friend in you Val.. Hugs

  2. Good tribute and promotion of your friend and one who is a friend of many. I’ll be there soon.

  3. I’m sad to hear about this, Val. I’d be angry too. But a friend of mine once said, people can be either selfish or stupid. I think that sums it up.

  4. One minor correction… The top of my mountain is actually four miles past the point all hope is lost. ❤ IJS xxx

  5. Wow! That’s powerful

  6. People that has, gets. People in need, are left standing, waiting. What an unfair situation.

  7. It’s heartbreaking to think she can’t get some respite support. No one should have to go that alone. What an amazing woman.

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