12 Programs Congress Refuses To Save From Automatic Spending Cuts

Twelve more reasons why we must get active, demand change and kick these do nothing, know nothing, without compassion or common sense Azzhats out of office next year.

The Fifth Column

This list puts Congress’ apathy toward the American people into perspective…

Think Progress

After thousands of flight delays across the country this week, the United States Senate voted Thursday night to give the Federal Aviation Administration the flexibility to keep the nation’s airports running smoothly. The delays were caused by the furlough of air traffic controllers, who were rotating off the job because of sequestration’s automatic budget cuts that began taking effect on March 1. The Senate legislation, which passed the House today and will be signed by President Obama, will allow the FAA to shift the burden of its cuts around, removing the need for controller furloughs and the delays that come with them.

That means lawmakers will be able to fly home for recess this weekend without any delays — and tourists and people who travel for business won’t have to experience the delays either. Unfortunately, though, Congress…

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  1. Good choice, Val. I am getting more and more discouraged.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Astonishing. Really astonishing. Good to reblog.

  3. Heartless…It feels as though elected representatives promptly go to live on another planet, and forget what it’s like to be human…

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