Design Flaw

sistinevirtualWe are made incorrectly, there is a design flaw a huge, glaring design flaw and it proves the God Entity is absolutely of the male persuasion. There is no doubt in my mind as I consider the obvious imperfection in our design this must indeed be the truth. It is likely you are reading this and thinking to yourself, what the hell is this woman blathering on about, what could she be talking about? God Entity, male persuasion and bad design simply do not go hand in hand, at least not in any religious tome you have ever read. Let me be clear, not any tome religious or otherwise I have ever read either. In fact, everything I have ever read God, all the angels and anything else slightly resembling ‘Holy’ were always not only perfect but MALE at least on the surface where it mattered.

The few exceptions to this rule were always in pantheons of Gods, the Goddess’s rarely had starring roles and were frequently depicted as nasty, vengeful and well let’s face it evil bitches or dumb as a box of rocks. Even they were ‘made’ incorrectly, R&D simply failed in the design. Of course look what those ancients had to work with, fatal flaws in their understanding of our bodies and how they work despite their advances in medicine and science.

So back to my discovery and how I realized both the fatal flaw in the God design and mans’ very real intent to model God (no matter the faith) after himself.

This fateful discovery of mine came about in one of my early morning calls with the sister of my heart, the wise and wonderful Red of M3. Our conversations often skip blithely across topics both weighty and flighty, causing us to ponder the philosophical nature of life and then laugh hysterically when we discover where our explorations have led. This was just such a discussion, don’t blame Red I am nothing if not irreverent now and then about religion. For those of you who hold true to spiritual paths, I am most respectful, it is man’s religion and the great harm it has done in the past and today I am disdainful of. So back to my discovery of the great R&D flaw.

For thousands of years, for as long as man has formed religions and societies around those institutions we have seen with overwhelming consistency men rising to the forefront and women being forced into lives of fear, degradation, servitude; cast as Lilith the daughter of evil, forced to give birth from first menses to menopause. Never mind, our bodies tired, we have one at hip and one at tit, one screaming for dinner one dragging at our heels. In earlier times not only did we reproduce with great frequency we maintained hearth and home, sowed seed and gathered all but the dangerous beast for the table and when the man of the house came home we acted as the sexual vessel even half dead from our labors.

With no thought to our comfort or joy in the act our husbands flipped us over and made do. Grunting their own satisfaction we were lucky for a pat on the ass or a kiss on the cheek in return for our exhausted compliance. Our exhaustion, often interpreted as disinterest gave permission to our spouse to seek elsewhere for their joyful satisfaction leaving us even more alone. Thus religion having taught us, and them, we could not be more than brood mare and workhorse we waited. We waited for the next time they wanted us or the next pregnancy neither of which could be avoided.Temptation_and_Fall-Sistine_Chapel_Ceiling

Had anyone considered we were just the same, our simple joys just alike this flaw in thinking could have been avoided. The design flaw is obvious, if an orgasm were required by both parties to achieve that oh so wondrous of things, procreation men would stop flipping their spouse over for their own satisfaction and try a bit harder. If both men and women were held of equal value we wouldn’t be in this mess we are today. We certainly would not have the world population problem we have, would we? But instead what we have is a design flaw; women are the receptacle of men’s sacred sperm, men made in the image of the God Entity, women made from their rib an after-thought. Women, blamed for every bad behavior including seeking knowledge. Men excused sometimes encouraged to every bad behavior including killing their children, rape, giving their daughters to crowd’s intent upon rape and all sorts of other pillaging and violence.

Man made in the image of God Entity, gets away with all sorts of nasty and evil things including controlling the choices and life of women who frankly prove time and again they are competent and capable of living life without them. There truly does need to be some redefinitions and corrections in this design flaw, some very real changes to both behavior and thinking. It isn’t enough that some men have learned to parrot politically correct language, it is time to blow a cold wind through the world and take out those who continue the ignorance of 2,000 years of patriarchal bullshit. It is time to correct the design flaw.


  1. The ancients actually worshipped a Goddess because they believed that she was the creative force that made the universe. Thousands of years ago, an advanced, male-dominated race came to this planet and did genetic manipulation to the hominids living here. The result was homo sapiens sapiens and a patriarchal society, as well as a genetic predisposition for evil. Accordingly, what we have today is a male-dominated society with a lack of moral values.

    • I will have to admit I do not ‘buy’ the idea of manipulation of the gene pool by aliens. This is as far out there as the God Theory and six days of creation with the earth being only 6,000 years old.

      But thank you for posting it.

  2. My family all the time say that I am killing my time here at web, except I know I am getting experience all the time by reading thes good articles.

    • Well Karen, you are perhaps gaining knowledge of how others think which certain expands your horizons. This is always a good thing.

      Welcome to Tilted Tiara, hope you will stop by again.

  3. What a great post. I couldn’t agree with you more. You are such a wonderful and expressive writer.

  4. frigginloon says:

    I’m sure the real reason why woman have been given the rough end of the stick is because men have never forgiven us for making them go out and kill those friggin tyrannosaurus rexes for dinner. Who knew neandathals would evolved ? 😦

  5. You should read the book.. The Experiment is over by Paul Lowe! an eye-opener! in many respects Val….

    • Another one to add to my current ‘read list’. I have a few on there right now and I am slowely working my way through the list. Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. And for this male, I’m smart enough to stay out of this conversation.

  7. Gray Dawster says:

    just wait until I hide my club and favourite spanking stick 🙂 lmao Only kidding I really enjoyed this posting Val especially this bit that had me giggling away as soon as I read it (Grunting their own satisfaction we were lucky for a pat on the ass or a kiss on the cheek in return for our exhausted compliance 🙂 ) How wicked you are but guess what? I like you 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of day my great friend 🙂 xxxx

  8. There’s no doubt women have been exploited, and are exploited even in today’s world. Hopefully we will all come to the realization just what an important a role women have as equal partners in the preservation of the race.

    • I think it is more than exploitation, it is truly the acceptance even definition of ‘less than’. This is true throughout the world. The acceptance of less is ingrained into sociological behavior and even how the law treats the genders. What we are seeing in the US right now, this reemergence of ‘slut shaming’ in the law, the closing of women’s health clinics, new anti-abortion laws, legislators calling comparing women to barnyard animals; all of this simply points to the same thing, women as ‘less than’.

      It is scary place these people come from, all fueled by a pulpit.

  9. I come from a religious RC background. Somewhere along the line I wondered why women were subservient and forced to have children even as a doctor advised against it. Why do men always have the last word when women can speak for themselves?

    I enjoyed this post as I always do, Valentine. It seems like a technicality, this flaw you mention but, you make a strong point and you’ve got my vote. A good win-win result–if only…Ha.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it Tess. It is a flaw, sometimes fatal. Just think if it required to happy endings rather than one, most of us would be much more content.

  10. Bwahahaha! I adore this. It is a complete rendition of our conversation, with illustrations and video. See, you have this A to Z down pat 😉

  11. Geraldine Brook’s book is unforgettable… and so is this video… I laughed and laughed!…

    • That is the second recommendation, I will add this book to my must read list. As for the video, we must thank Red for this one I had forgotten all about it though I love Monty Python.

  12. …and so did small men (collect all the puns you want) wrought a god and forced us all to bow before this abherration. Interestingly, this is among the three Abrahamic religions.

    In Hinduism, the ultimate god is actually a goddess – Parasakthi – from her, came the three gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Siva —- and so on and so forth.

    An interesting post, Val.

    Peace, Eric

    • Yet even where Hinduism is practiced women are treated with great contempt. I watch nations, especially my own wage war on women and children. On their health and well-being, on their ability to live successful lives on their access to health care, on their access to birth control and yes, even abortion when necessary. I am appalled we continue to treat women as if they are beasts in the field rather than thinking humans with free-will. So much of this I think is based on the ideas put forth in religion. Not faith, not spirituality but religion.

      • Very true, Val,

        Men, with ulterior motives had hijacked Hinduism – something we witness in many other religions. The teachings remain but the practices are laugable, to say the least.

  13. This is why I left the Roman Catholic Church and why I’m non-denominational. But, just remember, women have wielded religious weaponry, too. Ultimately, staunch religious ideologies are destructive to humanity.

    • So many have left the church. I am curious though, where in any society have women wielded religious weaponry to create such absolutism as we see throughout the world today?

      • I mean that women, too, have used religion as a weapon, especially the few times in world history when they’ve actually managed to achieve levels of power. I know that pales in comparison to how badly men have used religion. But, while men committed most of the ill deeds, there were women who supported and encouraged them. They weren’t always helpless bystanders, as the feminist left likes to proclaim. My main point is that religious doctrine often distorts the human conscious.

        • Women, have indeed quite often done terrible things. Whether in support of doctrine that in fact made mockery of their own gender or in support of the men that did so. Truthfully, they continue to do so today. These women are though a minority. They don’t write the laws, they don’t sit in most of the seats of power, they didn’t sit in the temples and they didn’t write the tomes that would hold them in servitude for centuries.

          The problem lies not in faith, not in spirit but in using religion as the hammer. You are absolutely correct in your last sentence.

  14. I’m currently reading the book “The Nine Parts of Desire” by Geraldine Brooks. It’s a nonfiction book about the lives of Muslim women. Very interesting, and it ties in nicely with this post.

  15. Have you ever considered that mankind’s creators are flesh and blood entities, not gods, with a patriarchal system?

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