Fall Flash 8

Delilah rocked, humming to herself a song she learned around the kitchen table as a child, the women sang it while cooking dinner on Sundays. The words had no egress but the tune lingered as she stared out the barred windows.

“This is my portion, lost in memory”, she thought as a single tear fell down her creased cheek.

“Mama, why do you cry?”

Two more tears fell. She couldn’t answer the sweet angel who asked.

“Mama, what is that song?

Delilah, hummed louder the song of her memory, the song of the women at the table certain she had sung this song around her own table. The song the women had sung in her family for generations while working together to place food before their families.

The angel, her daughter smiled and the room suddenly filled with her voice lifted in the song of her memory.

Delilah smiled.


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The Flash word is Egress . The word limit is 150 words. This one comes in at exactly 149.

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  1. Nothing cooler than hearing the little ones sing the songs of our childhood. Mine do this for me. Mostly because my singing scares the buzzards.

  2. Gray Dawster says:

    Reminiscing of such times, of long ago, of yesteryear…
    I doubt anyone remembers much in our modern era, but
    then I guess times are always changing, it seems such
    a waste though 😦

    Another excellent flash, but then
    your flashing is always so delightful 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I think some still remember Andro. Perhaps with those few who still remember the times around the kitchen table, perhaps we can bring such times back. Who knows.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      • Gray Dawster says:

        You are welcome, I think that your thoughts on this are sound and
        a return to such times would be so beneficial in this day and age 🙂

        Have fun this evening 😉

        Andro xxxx

  3. This was a tough one for me Val. If i have it right, then i found it to be sad, but beautiful. You never disappoint Val. Thanks for that.

  4. How enchanting. Makes me nostalgic. In my house growing up, it was my father who’d be singing all day the Latin songs of his youth. Once I heard Ricky Ricardo (on the I Love Lucy show) sing one of the songs, and it filled me with pride to hear it on national TV, a song I thought only my father knew.

  5. Yes I remember a time when families would have time for each other in the evenings too. It was a bonding time that doesn’t exist today with all the diversions that keep generations away from each other rather than sharing a heritage.

  6. Love that last image, Val–“song of her memory.” Well said!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy, Hi

      I am so happy to see you! So glad you liked this one, I suspect you might run into some songs around the cooking tables where you are.

      Hugs back to you from Dallas

  7. I didn’t see this in my family, but through your words it’s easy to imagine!

  8. A smile formed at the end of this one – so deeply touching x

  9. “This is my portion lost in memory” love that line!!!!!!!!

  10. This post reminds me of the most wonderful book I just finished reading: The Witch of Little Italy by Suzanne Palmieri

    Lovely post, lovely book!

  11. Ah, the company of song and the company of women in the kitchen. We used to sing in the kitchen when I was much younger. That’s gone by the wayside now. Pity.

    This story tugs at my hear, Val. Tugs hard. It’s the tear that does it.

  12. My mother use to hum in the kitchen too. Sadly I don’t remember the tune at this time.
    Lovely posting, Val!

    • My grandmother use to sing sometimes, hum often all while cooking or doing other housework. This story really comes from an eldery woman I use to care for when I was a teenager and worked in a nursing home.

  13. At ages 3 to 5 before my parents left Staten Island , while my cousins played and frolicked, I spent a lot of time with gramma from Sicily in the kitchen. I know this song well. Learned how to cook too.

  14. Ah, Fall Flash 8 🙂

    Lovely and melacholic and I loved that last – the angel’s voice filled the room –

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