Fall Flash 12

Marlene stared across the yard, watching Jimmy John scratch his backside attempting to impress the new girl.

“Why did my parents continue to procreate?”

This question ran through Marlene’s mind as she watched the grin spread across his face for the umpteenth time.

“What in the hell is wrong with that nitwit girl?”

Jimmy John hiked up his pants and leaned in to whisper some inane nothing; the girl actually blushed and giggled, giggled for the love of God.

Marlene watched Jimmy John shuffled back to the porch a smile plastered to his face, “Well, sister looks like I got me a fresh one for Friday night.”

“What the hell did you say to this one JJ?”

“The same thing your husband said to you the first time you said yes!”

Jimmy John guffawed and slapped his knee. Marlene thought, “I have to get out of this backward town”.


Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the amazing Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!
The Flash word is Backward . The word limit is 150 words. This one comes in at exactly 149.
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  1. Val, interesting. Now you have me wondering, what exactly did he say?? Hmm…

  2. I can visualize all of this. Jimmy John especially, scratching his backside! Xxxx

  3. Tennessee Williams would be proud of this story! What do you use as inspiration for your stories?

    • Sometimes it truly is the words themselves, other times it is people I know and situations I have seen from my own life. Then, sometimes it is pure imagination.

      Glad you liked this one.

  4. Poor Marlene – she walked into that one 🙂

  5. Haha that’s quite the mix of people!

  6. I like this one. It was fun! 🙂

  7. Gray Dawster says:

    I love this one Val and can just picture these
    wonderful characters that you have offered us,
    it is brilliantly written 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  8. Here’s hoping Marlene gets her bus ticket to escape….

  9. Most people are trapped in their allotted slot in society for the rest of their lives, but there are some who are not satisfied with what was dished out to them. They struggle, succeed and elevate their status.

  10. Surely most of us have embarrassing relatives somewhere. Fortunately for me it’s not my brother. Well done, Val!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  11. This is a perfect picture of a small town. I sure the heck hope she gets out of town. Have her call me. I’ll take out a mortgage on my house if I have to.

    I sure like the small town sound of this one, Val. Can’t help want to Help. 😀

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