Indignity in the House


A way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control

The quality of being worthy of honor or respect


For our comedic interlude, let’s talk about what America thinks of Congress. I think this is absolutely fabulous and nearly fell off my chair the first time I heard it, however what I do not find fabulous is the reasons for it. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), brought to the floor of Congress a resolution asserting privilege under Rule IX.


This is a bit long, there are shorter versions available, however this is worth a listen I promise you.

The resolution was for nothing more or less than a vote to end the shutdown and insure our debt is paid through next year; he aptly named it the “Anti-Self-Destruction Act”. You can read this lovely and sane piece of legislation here:

While you are reading it, please I beg of you sign the petition! Last I checked, the petition is still 10,000 shy of the 25,000 needed before it can be presented. Sign it. Tweet it. Send it to your friends. This truly is non-partisan. It is funding at current levels while Congress hammers out a budget.

Now to things I think are funny or important in the midst of the horror show that is our current government shutdown, looming debt crisis. Congress truly has reached a new low, there are only a very few things the American public find more appealing, watch this one2:

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I would like to think we human beings are capable of logical thought, of compassion and empathy. I have always wanted to believe these things about my fellow human beings. Yes, I know you are out there reading this and thinking to yourselves, but Val you have met some real true proof to the contrary. You would be right, I have. On the other hand, I have met some truly wonderful people in my life. I have met people who have overcome real hardship to soar. I have met people who walked out of prisons to stand beside me in Victim Impact and I have cried as I heard their stories. I have listened to offenders tell their stories during Victim Impact and I have been moved.

Then there is this clown, this fool who climbed out of brutal poverty with the help of society to achieve greatness but who would prefer no one else be given the same opportunities. Listen to what Dr. Ben Carson has to say about ACA.


Of course, life wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Faux has a new face, yes that is correct the retired good doctor has joined the line-up of talking heads to spew his trash.

Now, on to other wonderful things I found this week across the net. Want to send your congressman a pointed message? I surely did, in fact I think I will be sending at least one a day to good old Pete Sessions of Texas 32nd District, he of the scandalous lying and government shutdown support. I love this great site and whoever set it up, well I think they are magnificent.

There are plenty of things to do at “Fuck you Congress” besides sending a nice bit of tweeting to your personal Congressman. There are links to voter registration, current information to browse and petitions of relevance like this one I hope you will sign:

Sign to send a message on Campaign Reform:!/

Finally, I am leaving you with this; Clint Smith a fabulous Teacher (Government Worker) and Spoken Word Poet. I had some wonderful teachers in my day, but never anyone this good.

This is by far one of the most moving pieces I have heard on the need for community movement and healthcare in a very long time.




  1. Val as always your post is very informative, and those who were voted in, should be ashamed of themselves .. But if I were a voter in the USA I know I would not be voting in these clowns again!..

    Loved the choice of your last video of Clint Smith… I felt his words.. and Yes Place does matter… But for the grace of God as they say we could all have found ourselves born in different circumstances, in different cultures in different countries, experiencing very different life styles…. But we see that our Western world is crumbling it no longer cares about its own.. All it cares about is The Profits to be made…. as it closes its eyes and doors to those who made their Nations Great by the sweat of their brows and hard labour…
    We have such a WAKE UP Call waiting!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    “politically bankrupt”, by the way is very choice words.

    It got a bit crazy at the end for me (to fully comprehend) when the chair spoke its determination, citing all these dates & times. I feel a bit dumb to not fully understand, but I do try. Just all that yays & nays & formality… I seriously should have gone to uni.

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Valentine, I came here specifically because I knew I would find solid news and content re the US crisis, & I can’t thank you enough. I’ve just come from AFrankAngle’s page & he too has comment on the situ. I thank you both for showing me what I’m not getting to hear, here in Australia. I’ve become concerned as the time went on. Thank you so much. (funny how that guy was interrupted so often when presenting his argument… I must admit I did wonder where the point was leading but it all came good.

    • I am happy I could be a little bit informative. This is just one issue, it is hard to take it all in but taking one at a time maybe we can learn. The worst though? So many don’t understand what is happening right now can affect the world, not just our nation. It truly is frightening, yet there is nearly an informational blackout.

  4. frigginloon says:

    OMG, I went onto a CBS News article about this mess and was horrified to read the comments. Just as divided and pathetic as Congress. Hello people, this is your country, these are your fellow men, this is your children’s future ….

  5. That last video makes me weep! Good God, how can so many in America not see that teacher’s reality–the reality his students live–that the legacy of slavery is sickness.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Mr. Smith is amazing, many of his spoken word pieces are equally good but this one is simply heartbreaking. I thought it was a good way to end this one, it brings home why all of this is so important.

      Hugs back my friend.

  6. Val, ever notice when the anti-Obamacare folks speak, they say things like, “this is the worst thing for America.” “It is disastrous.” But they never say why. No details, no explanation, just generalizations. I’m so sick of it, and fyi, I signed the petition. Thanks!

    • No, they never point out, for example, that this nation entered into 2 wars, 1 of which was based purely on lies. They never highlight that we now have more people living at or below the poverty line since the Great Depression. Hard facts don’t lie, but people sometimes ignore them.

    • I notice that, yes. I also notice the cherry pick information to suit their message. But this is the way they support their “worst thing for America”.

      I am also sick of it. The only way we fix it though is by getting active at every level of our government, local, state and federal.

      Thanks for signing.

  7. That “Opinion” poll – Americans voted for their congressmen/women? Sounds like a scam where once elected, people keep returning to Congress by default.

  8. I’ve trying to not allow the cranky to get me riled up … so I simply shake my head, and then move on. Unfortunately, I have a cranky one as a rep.

  9. Wow what a hero, what a man. Clint Smith makes me hurt as much as he does.
    Amazing post Val

    • I was in tears the first time I listened, so of course I listened again immediately. As we here in the US tumble ever more quickly toward a complete meltdown I look for something to life us up.

  10. Oh Val, laughing and crying, what happened to our world? Alan Grayson was right when he said that the Republican healthcare plan was to “die quickly.”

    I have written, called, petitioned, signed until I am blue in the face. What a fucking mess.

    • I wish I knew the answer to that question Elyse, you and I could both retire if we found that answer. I don’t honestly believe the Republicans, certainly not their petulant children the Tea Party, want to provide an alternative to the ACA they simply don’t want what is on the table today. It is in a way fascinating to watch.

      Like you, I have written, signed, petititioned and called. I will continue to do so, one voice at a time. You are right, what a fucking mess.

  11. I’m old enough to remember the Watergate scandal and its subsequent congressional hearings. But, I can honestly say I’ve never been so angry at and frustrated with our duly elected leaders as I am now. The complete lack of professionalism displayed by most of those clowns literally gives me heartburn. Thanks also, Val, for the Clint Smith video.

    • We are both old enough to remember that one, oddly that scandal is how we originally got campaign reform. Like you, nothing has made me as angry as this cycle in congress, these clowns are making the US a laughing stock. Newt, Kennth Starr and their dogged desire to bring down Clinton were bad, but this is worse.

      Clint Smith is incredible isn’t he. Check out some of his other stuff.

  12. Loved the definition on “dignity.”

    • I do also. Alan Grayson tried to hammer this one home during his speech on the floor. It was interesting listening to him and it is why I grabbed it. No one seems to care though.

  13. Excellent post, Val! We should all do what we can to make our voices heard. I could not watch the Ben Carson video as he makes me ill but the Clint Smith video made me think there is hope. Those that have their own healthcare seem to be the most apposed to Obama’ plan. I have had some medical expenses recently and cannot imagine what we would have done if I had not had at least some coverage. In the past I have worked in the insurance/healthcare field so I understand the needs.

    • I think Clint Smith is excellent as well. Alan Grayson always makes me smile also. I don’t know what to think about Ben Carson, it seems odd his stance on so many things.

  14. To be the laughing stock of the world is no small feat. How do you wash that egg off?
    I loved Clint Smith.

  15. It’s true about the horrible headlines around the world. this is the fault of the people who sent these clowns to Congress, and the businessmen whi supported them. this is also the fault of the Supreme Court who enabled these businessmen to own politicians. Bill maher had a hilarious prediction on who would be the next candidates for Tea Party….. one was the guy from the movie Deliverance.

    • You are right on target as to who ultimately owns this mess, SCOTUS opened the floodgates as I said in my previous post regarding Citizen United and the more current case being considered. If we, the people of this nation, do not demand reform we are lost.

      It is a terrible thing when we get our most accurate news from our comedians isn’t it. Today this is the truth though.

  16. The procedure itself was undignified. Surely the “the chair” is, without question, oblivious and prefers to remain so. What an embarrassment to us all. I wonder what history will record. That is the thing about the social problems we face, no one wants to see them for what they are, to look at them in historical context and have a genuine dialogue. It’s painful to look at the mistakes of the past. So, no one wants to bring them up, to discuss the causes of poverty and every ism that comes along with it. Care vs Control. Perfect post, Val.

    • I think this was Alan Graysons point, we are become the butt of jokes worldwide. We are without dignity, worldwide. To not care is pitiful. To have this read into the minutes of the House, horrifying. To have to go to these lengths simply for a vote to open the government and avoid default, again horrifying.

      You are right, genuine dialogue seems such a simple thing to must of us but seems not to be something of any interest to anyone else.

      Thank you Honie, I am glad you liked it.

  17. I’m not sure things would be any better if we elected witches, zombies, and cockroaches, but it certainly be entertaining.

    I think the age questions should have had a “don’t remember” option. It troubles me that there are people who don’t remember who they voted for.

    • I think it is more either they didn’t vote and don’t want to admit it, or they voted for a third party; anything not to vote for one of the main parties. I know people like this.

      I didn’t pull all the results of that poll, just some of the stranger ones. I found this strange, funny and sad. The entire hearing was also sad. Alan Grayson was correct. The reading of headlines from around the world, horrible. The fact they can’t get a vote to the floor? Horrifying.

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