Conundrums Demystified

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day I was sitting at Starbucks waiting for my customized travel coffee to be served up.  I stop each Sunday at the front end of my three plus hour drive to Houston for a Trenta (can someone please tell me why Starbucks is so pretentious they need their own size names), iced unsweetened soymilk 5 shots of espresso keep me the hell awake drink.  I stop in Huntsville for a similar sized Black Tea and Cool Lime (fully caffeinated) to make the last hour of my trip.

Anyhoo, there I was sitting and waiting when I opened last month’s Oprah magazine.  I know, I bitched about her magazine already, this time I actually found something I enjoyed (shocking).  Every month there is a feature called “Contributors”, most times when I read Oprah I breeze past this page not this time.  ‘Demystified’ was interesting, it was funny and compelling enough for me to tear the page out on the sly. Five contributors to the magazine answered four questions, or as the headline read:

Five creative minds come to terms with their most compelling conundrums.

I loved the ‘conundrums’ and thought it would be interesting to try to answer them myself.

Stolen directly from page 12 of the September issue of Oprah, I bring you Demystified.

I am so glad I learned the secret to…living with ambiguity and taking risks in my career and my personal life.  Had I always followed the path of safety I wouldn’t have seen the world nor had so many truly amazing opportunities to love and be loved.

But I hope I never figure out…how to live an unemotional life, not crying at movies or when reading a book.  I don’t want to grow so jaded or cynical I don’t respond to those emotional triggers intended to pull at our heartstrings, whether in a McDonalds commercial (“I had blue eyes first”) or at the real life wedding of a friend.

When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to…best friends, my own mind and books in that order.  I use to turn to my beloved step-mother who was my anchor for many years, since her passing I often replay out conversations in my mind and find many mysteries are resolved this way, she was true North for me.  My husband is a wonderful sounding board but wants to solve problems instead of allowing me to work my way through them.

My next challenge is figuring out… how to continue working, return to school for my Ph.D., maintain my marriage and actually have a life worth living while doing all of it.  Yes, I know sounds like I want it all, why not?  I keep asking myself why I would do this, why pursue an advanced degree at 56 years old, what the hell is the benefit?  But it is the dream.

I would love it if you answer the questions yourself, in your own blog or even here in the comments.  For ease here they are:

I am so glad I learned the secret to…

But I hope I never figure out…

When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to…

My next challenge is figuring out…

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