Winter Flash-Irrational

True had a sense of being watched, an itch making her hair stand up as if with a life of its own. She refused to turn around instead, she continued her walk along the river, sauntering as if without a care in the world.  Around the next bend, she knew there was a bench where Jimmy Jon sat each morning to watch the riverboats, she would stop there and watch for who was following.

“Morning JJ.”

“Blessed Day, you got problems a following you.”

“How do you know, JJ?”

“Lookee there at that man, he doesn’t fit the riverwalk folk; not one bit at all.”

True looked where JJ nodded his head and saw the man, tailored suit, cropped hair and pale skin. Nothing about him stood out, but he didn’t fit in either.  She felt irrational in her fear of this stranger, until he smiled.


It is a new season, time for a Winter of Disturbing Flashes. Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the remarkable Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!

The word this week is Irrational with a word limit of 150.  Irrational comes in at 149.

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