Winter Flash – Final Four

Ruby red lips and a Mona Lisa smile, perfect.  Those eyes, dark and mysterious framed by arched brows, perfect.  Hair, windblown or laying gently across bare shoulders, always perfect.

He was fascinated with perfection, obsessed with the woman of his dreams.  His fantasy just beyond his grasp.  Disappointment a constant, his failure riding him like a harbinger of disaster each time he reached out to grasp his obsession and she slipped through fingers moist with anticipation.

He knew what to do, what was missing.  He knew and was prepared to make any sacrifice.

He laid out his tools on the counter, smiling to himself as he checked each with care; nothing was too good.  He stared at the picture taped to the mirror as he reached down, with one hand grabbed his pene and testes with the other made one cut severing it all.

Now, now he would be perfect.


“Where are you?”

“Right down the road, be there in minutes.”

July sat down to wait, ‘minutes, huh, been three days’.

Soon she heard the front door slam, “Honey, I’m home”.

She swung hard, cracked his head wide open that would teach him the difference between minutes and days.


She was without tits or ass.  She had a gap between her teeth.  Her eyes crossed and her hair that terrible color.

Why did they all flock to her like crazed flies on road kill?  Suzann fumed from her lonely barstool as Trudy flung her head back, laughing.


She turned the can facing toward her, label out.  She checks the shelves and begins turning the cans labels facing out.

“Shoppers the store will close in five minutes.”

She stared into her empty cart; her compulsive behavior had stopped her at the soup aisle. She sits down and quietly weeps.


It is the last of winter, actually I am very late getting these in but I thought I would share them with you anyway.  Winter of Disturbing Flashes. Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the remarkable Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!

These were the final words and their count:

Obsessed with a word limit of 150, coming in dead on the nose at 159.

Cracked with a word limit of 50, coming in dead on the nose at 50.

Crazed with a word limit of 50, coming in dead on the nose at 50.

Compulsive with a word limit of 50, coming in dead on the nose at 49.

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  1. The darkest sky needs but a pin prick of light – what a guide!

    Peace and hugz, Val dear

  2. I really like these Val … they seem to have a bit of an edge to them that some of your others don’t. I think it’s a case of the things going on in our personal life creeping into our fiction. Good stuff!

    (P.S. Here’s a hug … just because….)

    • I will take your hug, cause I need it.

      I think you are right John, the edge is likely due to personal life creeping in. But it could be the cold medicine also.

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    These are choice, Val. I liked the one the difference between minutes & days ;).

    The first one was very interesting.

  4. I’m interested in why the woman is weeping in the grocery isle.

    I see her grocery cart is empty….I’m assuming exactly like her life.

    xxxxx LOVE U.

  5. Ooh, Val, she must have it bad to be that upset in a grocery store. What a wild–yet poignant story. Fascinating character is she.

  6. Whatever in the world in going on with that woman crying in the grocery store, of all places…

    And that one teaching hubby a lesson, I’m sure, taught him good. Unless she knocked whatever sense he had left clean outta his head. What a way to be taught anything…Funny though.

    I imagine that lady on the bar stool not wearing panties, for some reason. Seemed like she needed a washing down too. A sad lot in the bar too.

    • Well, she cries in the aisle because she knows she has no control over her compulsions. Instead of shopping for food she straightened the cans. Silly woman to be so out of control.

      The rest? Your imagination took it a step beyond mine, wonderful.

  7. Of the four, the last one is my fav … although Crazed was a bit creepy.

    Sorry to see above that you’ve been sick, but cheers to feeling better. Keep moving forward!

    • I think Frank, they are all a bit sad, Crazed, hmmm it is just how women look at each other and rarely see beyond the surface. Creepy, yes I guess so.

      I think the Cold from Hades circle of ‘let me give it all to you now’, is finally releasing its grip and I am up and about now. Thank you.

  8. The subconscious becomes conscious in these stories!

  9. You are a master of build up and then surprise!

  10. #1. Yikes! #2 Oh no! #3 So sad #4 Even Sadder! All these you did in the midst of a cold from Hell. You’re good, girl. Hope you’re feeling better. All the best.

    • These were a bit dark, a bit violent even weren’t they? Ah well, I am hoping as the clouds lift I will begin to see light and it will show up in this next season of flashes. I do feel better every single day. Thank you.

      I got your book on Tuesday!! 😉

  11. OUCH!

    You are so damn good at these. But I wasn’t expecting the first at all. The others I wasn’t really expecting very much… 😉

    • Yes, the first was intended as a shocker. I am glad so many people didn’t expect what was coming. Maybe I have purged the last of my dark and can start bit by bit some more happy surprises in the next round of Flashes.

  12. singleworkingmomswm says:

    Oh, wow, ouch, and oh my! These were all terrific…You have an imagination that knows no boundaries, and I’m enthralled with each Flash you do. Hope there is another series around the corner, Val. Glad to read you are feeling better from a nasty cold! XOXO-Kasey

    • There is another one, in fact I should have already started writing to it. Just had to get these out there and done.

      Thanks Kasey, glad you liked these. I find myself in a bit of a dark place and happy this series has allowed me to explore it without restraints. The cold is finally passing, thankfully I had nothing on my schedule that prevented me from simply resting. – XX Val

  13. A slice and a crack. Carrie’s words not mine by purrr-fecccct.
    So, seems the head cold brought out new insights. Ha ha ha ha. Honest, I love these. You’re full of wonderful surprises. 🙂

  14. Wow, that first one really grabbed me, so to speak. Disturbing and incredibly powerful. Hope you’re doing okay, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Disturbing, yes I guess it is is.

      I am finally recovering from a two week ‘cold’, finally standing upright so I had to get these final four written and done with. They were rattling about in my head. Glad you liked at least one of them.

      Hugs back as always.

  15. Gray Dawster says:

    These are brilliant, I especially like the first
    one even though it brought tears to my eyes 😉 lol
    You always write such exciting FTP’s and all of
    these should be read again and again 🙂 🙂 I am
    just picturing the cross-eyed, ass / titless gal with
    terrible hair colour, gap between her teeth and
    wondering just how naughty she is between the
    sheets 🙂 Well I only said 😉 lol love these Val

    Andro xxxx

    • Or could it be, perhaps she just sparkles and makes others feel good when they are around her. Maybe with a laugh?

      I suspect the first will make many men cry, chasing perfection is a terrible thing.

      • Gray Dawster says:

        Thinking of both scenarios, perfection can mean so many different things to so many people, it could be a perfect figure in the minds eye, though every woman is beautiful in my way of thinking. Perhaps intelligence is a factor or maybe just the simplicity of being, and of course a woman that laughs so infectiously is also attractive. Preferences are okay up to a point I guess but the real beauty of a woman is what she is inside. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is very true.

        Have a lovely rest of evening Val 🙂 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  16. Wow, those first two really pack a punch. Or should I say a slice and a crack?…

    Great stuff, Valentine. Hope you’re doing okay.

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