Did You Know


Where are you today, not with me not here

I feel you, phantom arms pressing me close with words

Whispered, telling me soon and love

Patience is not my virtue, you tell me to wait, learn

I don’t muse the bed at night, alone

The sheets stay cool, the covers barely crumpled

Dreams though tell a different story

Rolling my reticence and turning me wanton

How did this happen, in the spaces of my heart and mind

Places once darkened now burst with light

My soul captured, it dances across spaces between us

With words and pictures to seal us

With each yes, my spirit flows toward you welcoming

Did you know, I had searched and was afraid

You pushed me to run I was already yours

Stroking my fears instead I gave you my secrets

Binding us, invisible chains stretch across miles

You tell me not to question kismet

I have already put my all in fates hands and yours

While I wait for you I will sit in Lavender

Wishing for patience and remembered dreams

Valentine, 5-June-2014

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