Ham Sandwich and the Zimmerman Defense

screen-shot-2014-11-25-at-4-34-05-pmThere is now a process for how it is done, a script to follow, a recipe to mix from that insures a free pass for the right kind of killing. Everyone knows it, in fact, I am going to guess there is a super-secret class taught and only some of the good ole boys are invited to attend. Maybe it is part of the graduation ceremony, or perhaps they wait a little while suss out what kind of good ole boy you are going to be before issuing the invitation, but chances are eventually if you have feelings of superiority combined with a powerful need to kill, you will get invited.

Let’s call it the Zimmerman Defense.

The terrible thing about the Zimmerman Defense, if you are a cop the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will aid and abet you presenting your defense in the media and to the Grand Jury, thus you will never be indicted for your heinous acts of murder. It is damned near the perfect murder. If you are a sociopath, in need of a bit of blood, simply join your local police force. If you are a racist asshat, in need of a bit of mayhem, have at it put on the uniform; you know the one with the patch that says ‘To Serve and Protect’.

Join the local police force and prepare your Zimmerman Defense, you will have friends in high places jumpstarting your road to freedom, your opportunity to continue your life of violent crime sanctioned by the uniform you wear. Not only will the Chief of Police be on your side making public statements about your sanctioned murder, the Police Union will stand behind you, the Prosecutors Office will lie for you, Governors will protect you, the media will work hard to show your ‘side’ of the story, no matter how insane it is. Finally, if you are truly the type of person everyone loves to whimper over as if your murderous actions were somehow heroic, they will raise money for you and you will become rich and famous; not infamous as you should, not a convict downloadas you deserve, but rich and famous.

The most ludicrous part of this entire situation is we the people pay for this. We the people, pay the cops who kill. We the people, we pay the District Attorney to lie and warp the justice system in favor of Killer Cops. We the people, we pay the salaries of the Governors who call out the National Guard to ‘control’ peaceful demonstrators exercising their Constitutional Rights at Free Speech, or maybe in at least one case (Ferguson) Jay Nixon knew the fix was in and he wanted to avert riots from overflowing into White parts of town (yeah, I am suspecting this was likely it). The fact is, we the people pay for all of this, we pay for Apartheid, we pay for Genocide and we turn our backs, failing to acknowledge these acts for what they are. Making excuses for the murderers in our midst wearing the uniforms we pay for, with those patches that clearly say, ‘To Serve and Protect’. Obviously, they were not intended To Serve and Protect the communities or the people they are with abandon murdering in cold blood.

Do I sound bitter? Do I appear to be one sided in my views? I was told, as recently as yesterday my credibility on this subject was lost for several reasons:

  • My views are too far left to allow me to see things with any degree of reasonableness
  • Despite the obvious lack of melanin in my skin, I am more Black than White
  • Given my past associations, marriages and otherwise my opinions are not credible

Those are just the highlights; some of the others were even more insulting to my intelligence. I let them slide, I didn’t respond to the person saying them instead taking a page from someone I care for deeply, blocking them and ending the conversation. Am I bitter? Why yes I am, I find this nation growing worse rather than better, I find this nation instituting laws to disenfranchise communities of people, stop their voices and strip them of their rights and those of us who could do something instead do nothing. I watch as voices are silenced, men and women are slaughtered in our streets, prisons are filled, schools are emptied and we do nothing. I listen to those who should be our leaders as they say the most blatantly racist and sexist things in public forums and are re-elected to high office; we sit back and do nothing. I watch as our justice system is corrupted to serve the few, we do nothing. In fact, we do worse than nothing; we nod our heads and remain silent.

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We watch as an 18 year old is gunned down and left to lie in the street for four hours, we say nothing instead allowing his name to be tarnished. We listen as they call him Thug, Thief, Demon and MB1we nod our head and accept this as maybe truthful, maybe Michael Brown did ‘puff up as the bullets entered his body’ as that murderer Darren Wilson claimed in his Grand Jury testimony. No, No it didn’t happen that way. No, Michael didn’t punch him on the right side of his face while he was still in the car, no he didn’t go after his holstered gun either. The murder, Darren Wilson lied he applied the Zimmerman Defense and was aided and abetted in doing so. The murder, Darren Wilson is lower than a ham sandwich and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it. The problem is we watch then hang our head, refusing to do more.

tamir riceWe watch as police roll up on Tamir Rice, a twelve-year-old child and shoot him dead in an empty park. We see it all on video, we see they make no attempt to talk to him, no attempt to determine whether his ‘gun’ is real or a toy, despite the 911 caller said he thought it was a toy. They just roll up and before the car stops moving they shoot to kill, not wound but kill. Will they be indicted? Likely no, the DA in Cleveland is planning the Grand Jury route on this one also.

We watched as Eric Garner is taken down in a chokehold, as he says eleven times while face down on the sidewalk of New York, “I can’t breathe”, we watched cops pile on him, we watched knees eric garnerplaced on his head forcing his face further into the concrete. We listened and learned that chokehold had been banned, made illegal twenty-years earlier and then we watched as the Grand Jury came back with a No Bill against the cop who killed Mr. Garner with that chokehold. That cope, Daniel Pantaleo is another who is lower than a Ham Sandwich.


How dare we condemn other nations for their civil rights violations when we think it is perfectly acceptable to gun down unarmed Black and Brown men and women in the streets of our cities, or choke them to death, or beat them on the side of the road, or perform no-knock warrants and kill infants in the process. How dare we even consider condemning other nations for their records when we have undeclared Apartheid in our own nation, with each whittling away at Voting Rights it becomes more declared and more obvious. How dare we look outside of our borders to point fingers at the bad behavior of any other nation when we are incapable of living up to our own declared standards of behavior, even the basics of ‘All Men are Created Equal’.

Bitter, hell yes I am bitter and I am ashamed of this nation and its people.


  1. “We see it all on video, we see they make no attempt to talk to him, no attempt to determine whether his ‘gun’ is real or a toy, despite the 911 call…..”

    In Miami he would be gunned down without much of a moment’s thought although the cops may say drop the weapon once or twice before unloading a hail of bullets. This is one reason I took my son’s BB gun pistol away from him when he was a teen. I knew he’d be shot down if police came. . Despite 911 call (which is only an alarm not possible crime description)there was no instant determination that could be made if toy. Al Sharpton rants about him being shot for merely waving a toy gun. The law in Florida is if it’s a weapon the cops can shoot to kill. The second part of it is that if the object appears to be a weapon it is a weapon-shoot to kill or if it appears to be something that it could kill or hurt a victim it is also a weapon-shoot to kill.

    In the case of Zimmerman Al Sharpton and others railed against the “stand your ground” law in Florida. That law does not apply in the Zimmerman case. It is designed to enable people to defend themselves in a home invasion or against an armed robber on street or by shopkeeper not some wannabe cop in a neighborhood crime watch. This was not an application in the Zimmerman event.

    The police and the city where Zimmerman acted should be sued in criminal and civil court by the parents of Trayvon. I know of no crime watch in America that allows a crime watch participant to carry a weapon or engage the suspect. They are to report suspicious activity and stay out of the way of police who are the only authorized law enforcement. The city and police department are guilty of negligence and more and just as much a cause of Trayvon’s death. I know. I was trained as a neighborhood crime watch participant in the City of North Miami.

    In the 5 months after Trayvon’s death 7 drive by shootings occurred in his Miami Gardens neighborhood. Most of the victims were unintended children. Why didn’t Al and others come to Miami and console the families if they were so concerned? I know that neighborhood – I taught high school history there for 33 years. It is not a safe place.

    I am saddened by the tragedy. My family members have survived 5 drive-but shootings(there were 18 in Miami last 2 weeks of this past December) and one a home invasion type robbery. Imagine the children running out of the house seeing their father screaming in a pool of blood. My family members were not armed but God must have watched over them. My daughter is white, boyfriend and 3 kids black.

    In Miami it seems to me you can expect to have just as much a chance of being gunned down by white cops as by thugs and criminals no matter white or hispanic but especially if you are a black male. In Miami there were 7 questionable shootings of black young men with very doubtful probable cause. No independent investigations have been allowed being blocked by police and politicians. Those shootings by white/hispanic cops happened THREE years ago !

    • It is a sickness Carl. A sickness we have to eradicate and very soon if we are to survive as a nation.

      • The cops in New York City were outraged when mayor DeBlasio shared that he had one of those “how to act when confronted by a white cop” father to son talks with his mixed race son. So the cops were outraged, eh? If you are a black parent in this country you had better have such a conversation and that is the plain truth and the facts are there. The NYC Police Dept is the most diverse in the country and put their lives on the line everyday and that is to be most sincerely respected and appreciated for the safety of all. But in many places young black males leave their homes facing the same possibility of death whether black on black crime or from the tiny minority of vigilante cops.

        Half of black men in this country have been arrested at least once. Perhaps rightly so, perhaps not(such a high numbers leads me to conclude there are far too many “perhaps not’s” ). How are you to get a job with an arrest record? Men are unable to support their families and then the self righteous rage about so many people on welfare. That’s because so many qualify due to what is called the “felonization of America”. This is to create jobs for the criminal justice industry in this country.

        • First Carl, arrest records are irrelevant it is convictions that matter. The real problem is how many have been falsely convicted, that number is far to high. Ever wonder why it is the innocence project is freeing far more Black men falsely convicted of rape and murder than any other race? This should make all of us wonder.

          As for the NYC police department, their diversity does not reflect the city they are policing, not by a long shot. They remain a predominantly white force policing a predominantly non-white city.

          The police do not put their lives on the line every day. This is a complete falsehood. Far more citizens are beaten and killed by the police, it is the police who are bullies and thugs. This is not to say all police are bad, they are not. We should not be continuing the lie they use to get away with murder though.

  2. This is precisely the kind of “bitterness” we need to hear, and more of it, I might add. Screw the no melanin crap. Until more people who aren’t immediately affected or physically assaulted by law enforcement (usu Black), racial injustice, et al, speak up on behalf of those who are, on behalf of the value of all life, we who are affected more immediately are merely preaching to the choir––closing ranks with those already aligned, without moving the needle a single inch forward for the conversations that really need to happen and the legislations that really need to be overhauled. I have not been active on my blog on these subjects, because I’ve been reserving my lengthier pieces for a separate project, but I have been very active in my discussions in my personal social media.

    I’ve heard, “well all lives matter, not just Black life”. Uh duh! We already know all lives matter (theoretically alone, apparently), but patterns in incarceration, achievement gaps (education), efforts to recover lost Black children, abusive behavior by cops to Black women and children, rampant police violence, and murder exacted toward Black males, show that all lives BUT Black life matters.

    Good post and energy all throughout. Thank you for sharing your passion on the page.

    • My Empress, I simply feel sometimes even I am preaching to a choir. Sometimes I feel I am a voice in a wind that is raging. I know there are others, like me who feel enraged. Others like me, yet all we do is talk, sometimes among ourselves. I think we don’t know what to do.

      • This kind of Art, truth telling, is also important Val. Don’t underestimate its importance. When shared/read, it gets in the hands and in the eyes of folk who may or may not be privy to these essential conversations, gives them perspective. I have been writing more privately, but working more actively and publicly to move the conversations in the open. It is difficult, tho’ no entirely impossible. Reading these posts remind me of the importance and vitality of this work.

        • I try always to remind myself it takes all of us to change what must be changed. It will require all of our voices, all of our minds, all of our hearts. I try hard to remind myself I cannot sit idle and allow others to do the work, that simply by virtue of my privilege I owe something.

          • Absolutely! I too owe something. Many have fought so that I may have, and I am too aware and conscious of this to simply enjoy. I’ve chosen instead to live that others might. These events have been such a catalyst for this next season of becoming for me. Thanks for being a quiet whisper as well.

  3. Val as I see events unfurl.. I also see how people are seeing beyond the badge of law and order enforcement to those who if they wore any other garments would be classed as gangs, bullies, and thugs themselves…

    Its hard to tarnish each officer with the same brush.. but isn’t that exactly what the political scene does every day.. As they condemn those who follow a certain religious path.. Tarring all with the same brush as Terrorists ?

    As I see events unfurl.. I see people now standing up for JUSTICE. It has gone beyond just racist for people of many walks of life are being roughly treated at the hands of a those who wear the badge who take an oath to serve and protect the people..

    It seems a Powder Keg waiting to explode.. But maybe that is also their Political intention so Rules can be brought in to curb even more Freedoms…

    I am only an observer looking in… but it appears it may get worse before it gets any better.. But its all in our own Hands as to how we digest the Ham sandwiches

    • The Ham Sandwich reference is very specific Sue, it is said if a District Attorney wants to a indict a Ham Sandwich in a Grand Jury he can do so, one must make a real effort to receive a No Bill as the DA in Ferguson and Staten Island did.

      No, I do not tarnish ever cop. However, the wall of Blue protects every cop and so long as this is true than whether they commit the acts of murder and mayhem or simply turn away, they are guilty. This is the real problem, whether you are truly the perpetrator or simply silent you bear the same guilt.

      Yes, the police are doing harm to many but none are so harmed as the communities of color. None so distinctly harmed as the Black communities and none so terribly and tragically harmed as the Black men and boys. It remains very much a race issue and to think otherwise is to turn away from a very real and very ugly problem in this nation.

      I do think you may be right, it may indeed get worse.

      • Sometimes Val this is why as an observer looking in.. I see this as an excuse by the Law to then bring in tighter restrictions.. We are living on the Cusp of major Changes which as we have seen as other Nations have had their uprisings.. All it needs is a spark… And that is why sometimes Val I see things form before they happen..
        Here in the UK.. we are seeing revelations from a core that is rotten from the top down through the judicial system especially into Child abuse at the moment..
        When the Real Truth finally is revealed about The System.. I hope we as a Nation of People can join together as One in rational ways of creating a better future and fairer system to be put in place.. But before that can happen.. This is where the Chaos will take place..
        It is not as we know it Val going to happen over night.. But through pressure of ordinary people such as we have seen..

  4. The only thing about bitterness though is that it can keep us from finding solutions… and there are many solutions that need to come, now rather than later. Thank you for sharing your views Valentine and for never backing down, despite criticisms of other people who are really scared to do what you do. Hugs.

  5. PREACH IT Valentine!

  6. One More Thing!!
    The guy that murdered Garner, why are the first two in baseball caps and shorts with t-shirts.
    Then the jerk get’s the nerve when he hears the other cops drive up to put the chokehold om Garner and Kill him?.

    • I do not believe we will ever have the answer to this question. Now that the Grand Jury has No Billed, unless the Justice Department pursues Civil Rights action, we will never know.

      • I hope that they see what we see.
        If so, the Justice Dept. SHOULD pursue the Civil Rights action.
        They can’t now, just do nothing!

  7. Thank you!
    I can not understand how we see other countries doing bad things and some jerk has the nerve to say, well we’re better because????
    Every time I hear that my stomach get’s sick.
    When questioned about the morality of the “protectors” talking heads say well in other countries?????
    This is America where we preach to other countries on how they should act.
    Act like us? REALLY?????
    They’ve watched the mess that was not taken care of in Katrina.
    How city in New Orleans were treated.
    A friend of mine was in another country and was watching in shock that this was her own country, America.
    They’ve seen these young innocent boys and men slaughtered by the ones to protect
    and they wonder why in the hell they should be like us.
    OH, yes, also the voting rights and how IF they don’t want you to vote, they can find a way that you can’t or that it won’t count.
    Yet, we tell other countries how to be like us,
    I know, the saying, Well why do they come here?????
    I don’t know the answer to that. Why did our ancestors come here?
    Why are we here?
    Just to set back and watch it go down because these people have the licence to MURDER.
    Are they kidding us??????
    I agree, we shouldn’t stop until all of these cops are FIRED without pay!!!

    • You have said a great deal and yes, you are right. The entire world watches us and shakes their heads. We pound our chests pretend we are the ‘greatest’ yet look at what we do. We certainly are not the greatest, are we?

      • No Valentine, we aren’t!
        We have a long ways to go before we can tell any other country what they should do.
        BTW, we shouldn’t even do that. We have to straighten ours up. If they need changing it has to come from them.
        Imagine another country telling us how we should be. It wouldn’t happen.
        Thanks so much for the article!!! It’s all true.

  8. It’s interesting that there are people using the argument “you should stop defending Brown/Garner/Rice/etc. because you were married to a black man”. Don’t these people realize that you could make the identical argument that they stop defending Wilson/Pantaleo/Loehmann/etc. because they’re also white like these cops?
    I guess their tiny brains can’t make that connection – or that they work on the assumption that only pure white people are able to have rational and objective opinions.
    (I’ve made the assumption that your critics were white, but I guess it would be true in 95-99% of cases.)

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  10. Excellent post. I need to share. You have given words to my feelings!!
    “Bitter, hell yes I am bitter and I am ashamed of this nation and its people.” …. me too!!

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