Education is Under Attack in the USA

America is being dumbed down at an alarming rate. Is this really the America we want? Apparently so since so many failed to vote.

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© Josh Sager – February 2015

An educated population is a vital resource to any developed nation (if not a requirement for a nation to become developed).

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On the individual level, there are numerous benefits that come from educational achievement. More educated individuals tend to make more money, live longer, and have greater career achievements than those who have less education. These individual benefits translate to societal benefits, as more educated societies tend to be healthier, more productive, less violent, and more likely to produce technological progress.

Unfortunately, the modern American right wing has become stuck in a mindset where education is derided and, where possible, defunded or privatized. The meme of the “ivory tower liberal elite” competing with the “common sense conservative” has created a justification for large portions of our nation to see education as something that is not only unnecessary, but a threat to their established ways…

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  1. —-Val,
    your passion & knowledge inspires
    me to “Be More.” xxx LUV U.

  2. Reps want to privatize everything. Even social security. Are they nuts ” Oh sure, let’s give the megabanks and megacorps more money to steal.

  3. And if a person doesn’t vote then they cannot complain about it because essentially they are enabling it all to continue…!

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  5. It’s a terrible cycle, isn’t it.

  6. Yes Val.. dumbed down, to become even dumber!… Seems that’s the way of the world… We are entering the year of the sheep and so many sheeple who are asleep as to how this world is working.

  7. Education has been scrutinized (and even under attack) for quite some time … and the political side of the issue isn’t new either. However, my attacks (as you know) are on the system itself that is independent of political affiliation.

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