Our Apathy Pays Dividends

OpEdMy great and dear light at the end of the tunnel, Deborah over at Monster in Your Closet, reminded me today there are many ways to look at a problem, many angles to hold a prism to the light. When she wrote about panic attacks in the air here I burst out laughing, I remember well feeling exactly the same panic at wheels up. What I was really thinking about while reading her piece though is why I have not touched my fingers to my keyboard, why I haven’t wanted to write for weeks. I considered why what I have been thinking hasn’t been making its way from my brain to my blog. My normal righteous indignation has hidden under a tree, whimpered and cringed from the light of day like a beaten dog.

Here is the thing; this nation is descending into a morass of ignorance and no ignorance is not bliss, not by any stretch of any imagination or any measurement, we are growing stupider and we seem to like it that way. I am finally at a loss for words; I finally after all these long years am without the language necessary to say what is needed. I must admit to not understanding the people of this nation any longer. There was a time I understood, I even believed there was a necessity for both sides of the aisle to exist, it kept us all honest. Elyse over at FiftyFourandaHalf just today reminded me of that not so distant past in her piece on the suicide of Thomas Schweich, a contender for the office of governor in the not so great state of Missouri. I was reminded, once upon a time more than half my family were staunch members of the GOP, yet they were not Racist, or against public education, or against public assistance, or against Social Security, or against immigration; nor were they ignorant of the Constitution and what it really said about Guns or Religion.

I am without words, truly. I remember arguing with my father over the dinner table about real issues of the day he was a staunch Republican by the way nearly his entire life, he bled the party line of fiscal conservativism, he could not understand how he could produce such a hippie, such a ‘blasted Liberal, dammit’. The one thing about my father was he saw clearly and he hated across the DAD&Meboard; he hated LBJ, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Bush Jr with equal intensity and all for different reasons. He voted for Barack Obama and was very proud of that vote.

Today, those members of my family who retain their GOP card do so without any real understanding of what the party truly stands for. When called to the table to defend the latest horror story, the latest idiocy, the latest dumbass thing to come out of the mouths of those who would rule, they cannot do so only relying upon the sound bites, they picked along the way to defend their position in Right Wing LaLa land. When presented with facts they sniff and rock back, scramble for purchase on the quicksand of their position.

We get what we deserve, whether it is the government we deserve or otherwise. This time we truly did get what we deserve, those of us who wanted more and better we stayed home in droves. What did we think; others would pick up the slack of our apathy? We listened to those who said we wouldn’t go to the polls and thought to ourselves, well it is a lost cause so why bother; we stayed home. That is exactly what they were hoping for and they won.


Ignorant really; GOP majority in the House and the Senate, the ability to make the next two years sheer hell for this nation and this President and we sat on our asses and handed it to them through our apathy. The absolute genius of it is astounding and we fell for it, not for the first time even we know the game and we fall for it every single time. This time though, we are going to pay and pay big, it is our fault and we should be ashamed of ourselves. We handed the keys to the nation to a bunch of low intellect know-nothing, bought and paid for members of the extremist coalition who are intent on destroying the nation and handing the remains to those who would rule without the will of the people.


Congratulations citizens of America, you have finally succeeded in showing your true nature and intent. What you really want is to be second class citizens of the world, ruled by those who don’t give a damn if you live or die, if your children are ignorant so long as you have them for their wars, if you live in poverty so long as you labor for their benefit you will be given enough to drag your azz to their crumbling factories for another day and when you are too old to do that, better hope someone loves you enough to take you in, cause there won’t be a safety net left to catch you ass.

All I can think is, rise up before it is too late. Do not allow this once great dream of a free nation to crumble at the feet of your apathy. Look around; do not allow what little progress we made toward unity be destroyed by the hate and fear of a shrinking minority. Rise up and look around, stand up and take back the power we own as citizens. Stand up and demand accountability of those in public office, whether they are elected officials, bureaucrats or the Police.

Honestly, look around and ask yourself is this the country you want? If the answer is no, what are you willing to do to change it?


  1. The arrogance of the ignorant rides again! It is time for the intelligent, common sense men to step up and act. Now! Enough of this senseless hatred and stupidity. If the men and women who want to save this country could coordinate an effective plan, there might be some hope. Unfortunately, money talks, and the money men are in charge.

  2. So glad for your blog, Val, I have missed it, being off the blogosphere. You do hit the nail on the head. Also, I wish there were more Republicans like your dad. I do know a few actually.

    • I use to know a few, compassionate and thoughtful. I think they are gone now. I think they might cling to the edges but are slowly recognizing the party they grew up in no longer exists. It is sad really.

  3. Another excellent post Val.. “We get what we deserve, whether it is the government we deserve or otherwise.” so very true.. ❤ xxx

  4. You know Val I was just saying last week to someone online about big brother and they were like what do you mean, what is this big brother? I was like, really? Some people ARE living under rocks! I mean, where has the enthusiasm for learning and awareness of the world around us gone? What is happening? Your article has so many good points in it – as always! Thank you for all of your encouragement and asking the questions that many people really do need to start asking themselves… starting today.

    • The enthusiasm has been sucked right out Christy. Honestly, at least in this country, our public schools are a nightmare and if a child does make it all the way through, well who wants to go into a lifetime of debt?

      To the rest though, it does go beyond it doesn’t it? We are all turning into lemmings I think.

  5. I so agree with your last paragraph. If we look around at our country and don’t like what we see, it’s up to us to change it.

    As to the rest, I feel very differently. Sure, there will always be people who range from asshole to pure evil. but I believe that most people want what is best for their country and for other human beings, even those who disagree with me on what that “best” is. Sometimes I have to work to convince myself of that last part. 😉

    You’re doing what you can, speaking your mind and walking the walk – try not to despair.

    • Peg, I can always live with those who disagree. I can even often find some common ground. Right now though we are riding the crazy train to hell. That is all.

  6. Since 1980 the GOP has done everything possible to make sure government was ineffective in dealing with real problems. They have rolled back the minimum wage, civil rights, voting rights, union rights, etc. They have been very good at destroying democracy. Their mantra: Government is bad. (And they prove it when they have power).I vote all the time. But I understand why many people feel the government can do no good. They have been raised in a system in which they have observed nothing but divisive government. Those of us who are older KNOW that government can do good if the right people are elected. We have experienced the civil rights era. Keep trying.

    • Yes, to all you say, just yes. Yet, despite all the harm hey have done to the nation and its people they continue to find those who run to the polls to vote for them while we, the moderate center and the left, sit on our apathetic asses and ‘hope’ it will get better.

      It won’t, it isn’t and without our active participation it will only get worse.

  7. I voted in Florida and I volunteered on behalf of Charlie Crist. It was demoralizing to see Governor Rick Scott win by 1% in the November 2014 elections. Every other tea party person running for elected office won also. This is the state of Trayvon Martin; the land were people protested and promised their undying support for his family. Many decided to stay home and not vote. Now, any chance to modify the “stand your ground” law and to end the 10-20-life gun rule is nil.

    Give the tea party folks their due because you can count on them to show up at the voting booths. Google this : Americans For Prosperity: AFP on the Ground: Replicated the Left’s Ground Game with Success http://reut.rs/1s4lrdH 10 hours ago 11/4/2014; or Google:
    In key election states, conservative groups build a ground …www.latimes.com/…/la-na-afp-data-wars-20141026-st…Los Angeles Times -Oct 27, 2014 – Molly Vogt, center, is a field director for Americans for Prosperity in Colorado … He notes that for years, the left had the advantage of “a powerful force on the ground that … Bennet’s effort that election was so successful in boosting turnout … Committee invested $60 million to replicate it across the country this …or Google this one:Conservative groups reaching new levels of sophistication …www.washingtonpost.com/…/3c3cd8e8-026c-11e2-…The Washington Post
    Sep 20, 2012 – But, he added, “the other side is trying to pay to replicate what we spent years to build.” One of the major players on the right is Americans for Prosperity, … “We’re matching the left and exceeding them in lots of things that … “Here in Wisconsin, we’ve become pretty well-schooled in ground games,” she said.

    No one who cares about our country is run, can afford to stay home and not vote. “You get what you vote for!”

    • Yes, they have built powerful coalitions based on fear and ignorance. We on the other hand sit back and pat ourselves on the ass, pretend it isn’t happening. It is pitiful and we either must learn from our errors or plan on losing this nation, for once and forever.

      • Ditto on your sentiments. This is also when republican led legislatures are attempting to block peoples from voting. We need to fight back. The best way is to vote. I was so proud of the voters in 2012 who stood in long lines for a long time and made us look like a third world country on TV. If the tea party message is so enticing, they wouldn’t need to block peoples from voting. In this case, all they had to do is count on those same folks staying home while not voting.

  8. We’ve been through this discussion before, Val; those of us who take our civic duty to vote seriously can’t seem to convince others that democracy won’t function otherwise. We fully comprehend how critical it is to keep elected officials in check. I’m continually surprised (and embarrassed) that many of our fellow Texans have pretty much ceded control of the state to extremist right-wingers.

    On side note, I still honestly hope Ted Cruz makes a concerted attempt to run for president. I’m sure he’ll find out very quickly the majority of Americans aren’t awed by his blatant disrespect for the current Chief Executive. I’ll laugh satisfactorily when voters cut his ass off and hand it back to him in a cardboard box.

    • Gawd that would be good to see wouldn’t it?

      I know we have had, but I simply could not put my finger on my funk. Now I did and now I am going to start pushing it back.

  9. As long as they keep telling us that USA is #1, who cares about voting and even following politics, right?

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    So very well stated …. and you’ve been sorely missed

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  12. What are you willing to do to change it is right, Val.

    I wish there was a way to subtly let oh so many people (starting with my eldest brother) realize that they vote against their own interests! REPEATEDLY! People looking forward to collecting that Social Security they’ve been paying into all these years. People looking to educate their kids. People wanting to walk, run or drive over a damn bridge.

    We do have to change our tactics though. Telling folks they are stupid and believe stupid things and vote stupidly just hasn’t worked out as well as we’d hoped. ;0

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