Pain Connects Us ALL. Whether YOU Realize That Or Not.

It is important, it is vital even.


  1. Very disturbing to see that video. Even more disturbing are some of the folks who try to “justify” shooting an unarmed man in the back. I could understand it if the guy was a mass murderer or someone who had just killed someone else. But this seems not to be the case. There is an entire generation and class of people who have never had a bad encounter with the police. They just do not understand.

  2. The USA police even got a mention on BBC with film footage of the resent murdering of another Black person.. Captured on mobile phone.. He deserves his murder charge…. What are the Police so fearful of??? they have to shoot someone running away who had no weapon… who was stopped on a bike..

    I recently saw a poll on the police in USA killed 111 citizens in the Month of march.. The figure for 100 yrs since records began in the UK were 69…

    • It is pitiful isn’t it?

      Sanctioned murder by those who are supposed to protect us. I grow fearful of our direction.

      • Yes its dreadful.. Not only what is happening there but in many places around the world… I watched a programme recently about Nicaragua and how corrupt most of their police force is… Murder there is worse than in the USA

        • Perhaps, but you know I can only ‘care’ about one thing at a time at the level I care about what is happening here. It isn’t that I don’t care, truly. I care about the world overall, it is only that I believe we must clean up our own back yard before we try cleaning up the neighbors.

  3. Good stuff.

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