The Supreme Court Decision On AHCA Is One Of Life And Death For Many Americans*

This is what we are facing…consider the recently released budget by the GOP which guts ACA and takes us back to every man and woman for themselves. Most of us will be without, scrambling on a hope and a prayer.


  1. I’m just holding my breath on this one. It means so very much to so very many people.

  2. Wow that post says that in the US you have to wait until June to hear what happens – that’s a lot of stress that could build up by then!

    • That is our Supreme Court, never a body that can act with ‘haste’ but one that considers their words and their affect on the nation with due consideration. I think they just like to meander through the dusty and musty stacks of law, wrangle deals among themselves. I think they just like to see which way the wind is really blowing. With this particular court, I think they just like to see what ‘real’ deals can be made.

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