I remember, a touch on my skin

Trails of cool against my heat

Whispered demands for more

Indolent breezes scented with twilight

Remind me, of you of something

I remember, a cry in the night

   Sighed across bruised lips

Joined by your own glad call

Rhythms of the rain on my window

Remind me, of you of something

I remember, the touch of silk

Wrapped on my wrist

Binding me to your need

Salted caramel skin and crashing waves

Remind me, of you of something

Of disappearing, of being invisible



  1. Val you should seriously take up poetry writing.. Very sensuous and very enjoyable.. ❤

  2. Well done … and good to see your poems again. I felt a tug of war in this one.

  3. I remember that too. Rather, sometimes I wonder what I’m remembering
    Since it’s been over twenty years
    Of remembering
    Skin to skin.
    Is that gone Forever?

  4. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  5. What a lovely and sensual poem to start my Sunday morning. I just love this line: “Salted caramel skin and crashing waves.” So evocative.

    • Hmm, things that remind me.

      Thanks Monica. I am always so grateful when others like my poetry. I don’t know why it is that these are so personal and thus so difficult to throw out there.

  6. wow!

  7. Lovely, Valentine.

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