Room For You


Dancing through time to you

With a deep sigh, breath entwines

Heartbeats, as if one slowed

A single beat, your hand over mine

I will make room for you

Whispered in the glow of daybreak

Before you awakened

Feeling your smile against my neck

My words felt not heard

Gifts of spirit in flight drawn back

Twirling across starlight

Colored by joyous song forgotten

Then evoked once more

Through fingertips and heartbeats

I remembered you

From dreams and wishes

Swelling delight, transcending fear

Dominating my night

Guiding my spirt back to you

Fresh awakenings in the dark before dawn

Reminders of my core, my need

Heart home once lost now found

My captured spirit risen

Joyful, all of me lifted up in arms

Strong enough to hold me or release

Knowing I will come back, to you

Without question or fear

My heart has made room for you




  1. This should be published my friend. Just wonderful. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Hey valentinelogar, thank you for following Tubularsock. Tubularsock appreciates it. You are too kind. Revolution starts on the first rotation. The rest is just inertia!

  3. Oh how lovely, dear friend! The room you make in your heart is priceless xx Happy New Year, Val xx

  4. An empty room always echoes with memories, or whispers silent thoughts, I reckon. An empty room needs to be furnished with new vibes of love. Just my 2 cents.
    All good wishes,

  5. Dropping in to wish you a Wonderful start to 2016 Val.. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.. and to say thank you my friend for all the Love and Support you bring to Dreamwalker’s… wishing you Happiness, Health and Joy for 2016 and beyond xxx Love Sue ❤

  6. Like jazz, your words flit and flutter, moving together, cohesively and the message is electric! So beautiful, Val.

  7. singleworkingmomswm says:

    Val, sweet Val! Oh, how I’ve missed reading this beautiful poems you write. I am glad I captured this one, though, as it truly speaks to me. I have been contemplating “make room” for someone in my life. Not sure if I can or will, but reading this makes my heart warm with the possibility. I hope you had a nice holiday, and I wish you all the best in the new year! I am always hanging around, if even on the cusp right now. Love you! XOXO-Kasey

    • Oh Kasey, the idea of making room for another person is so very frightening isn’t it? Yet, we are intended to share our lives, our hearts, our spirits. Truly, we are intended to soar with another person now and then.

      I miss your writing as well, knowing you schedule I am pleased you are having fun with horses and wine. Happy for you, that you are finding footholds in your life. Hope your holiday was wonderful as well. Hope you come back to us and share your stories soon.

      Love right back too you. XXXOOO Val

  8. “I remembered you from dreams and wishes.” This line applies to my relationship with Tara so well! Nicely done.

  9. Beautiful dear Val… I hope your spirit always finds it way back home to where it belongs.. For only you know your heart.. I hope you always make room for YOU within .. 😉 Love and Blessings and I can take this wonderful poem in two ways.. 🙂 May you always Feel the smile upon your neck.. and you feel it within your face dear friend..

    Love to you my friend and thank YOU for your friendship.. I so appreciate you

  10. **Before you awakened
    Feeling your smile against my neck**

    beautiful, my dearest. xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hopeful words for this special season; happy holidays my friend

  12. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  13. I like the way it ends…always room for love!

  14. Beautiful, Val!

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